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Carrascolendas - The name of a bilingual (English/Spanish) educational series produced by KLRN-TV, San Antonio/Austin, Texas that aired on the PBS network from1970-1978 . The Emmy Award nominated series ended production after 220 episodes.

Carrascolendas - Opening Scene

According to the  book "Looking for Carrascolendas: From a Child's World to Award-Wining Television" by the show's creator Aida Barrera, the title of the series was a corrupted version of the word "Carnestolendas" meaning Carnival, the original name of a South Texas town known today at Rio Grande City.

The program was designed to help children four to nine years of age (based mainly in the Southwest) cope with their feelings and relationships in a multicultural society.

Other cast members included Mike Gomez as Campamocha, the handyman; Dyana Elizondo as Dyana the Doll; Agapito Leal as Carrascoles, the village cafe owner and Lizanne Brazell as Pepper, the detective.

CARRASCOLENDAS, one of many bilingual series created because of Federal funding for the 1968 Bilingual Education Act, also spawned such children's series as QUE PASA, USA?, VILLA ALEGRE, MUNDO REAL, and LA BONNE AVENTURE (in English and French).

In later years, series like DORA THE EXPLORER and THE MISADVENTURES OF MAYA AND MIGUEL continue the legacy of bilingual programming in the United States..

Theme Song Lyrics

Have you been to Carrascolendas,

Carrascolendas, Carrascolendas?

If you've never been to Carrascolendas.

Come along, come along,

Come along, come along

to Carrascolendas.

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