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Latka's Language - Strange sounding Slavic language spoken by immigrants Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman), a mechanic for New York's Sunshine Cab Company and his wife, Simka Gravas (Carol Kane) on the sitcom TAXI/ABC/NBC/1978-83.

Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravis, a car mechanic - TAXI

Their language (a mishmash of Porky Pig-like stammering) sounded like "Yaba Daba Dee Bee Daba." Some distinct phrases to originate from the program were:

  • Gewirtzal - Person who proposes marriage for the man
  • Ha-Dee-Fee-Bee! - Revolution!
  • Ibi-da - That is right
  • Krimpka-Push -  Pre-Menstrual Syndrome which caused Latka's wife, Simka to undergo such personality changes as being clumsy, craving salt, headaches, talking jags and depression
  • Murzik - What the mother of the groom tells the fiancée about men -generally insulting phrases. The response of the bride-to-be to these remarks determines whether she is worthy of her son
  • Plumitz - The dance performed at the end of a marriage ceremony
  • Schloogel - Matchmaking ceremony that introduces newlywed's friends to their ideal mate
  • Yak-Da-Veh! - Kiss my ass!

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