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 Miscellaneous Terms

Double Rush - Messenger service term meaning faster than "rush" service and billable as such. The term was used on the sitcom DOUBLE RUSH/CBS/1995 about the employees at a New York City bicycle courier services.

Farfel - The name of the puppet dog used by ventriloquist Jimmy Weldon on a variety of TV spots for Nestles Chocolate and Texaco commercials in the 1950s. Jimmy Weldon's piano player used to call him a Farfel (a little noodle used for cooking). When Weldon added a small dog dummy to his act, he decided to use the name of Farfel for his large eared pooch. Farfel was famous for his Nestles TV commercials where he ended the spots with an elongated "Chaaaaaaw-clit!"

Paladin - According to Webster's Dictionary "any of the twelve legendary peers, or douzepers, of Charlemagne's court...a knight or a heroic champion or the Knight in the game of chess." Paladin was also the name of the cultured, poetry-loving bounty hunter portrayed by Richard Boone on the western adventure HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL/CBS/1957-63. Possessing high moral standards, Paladin was a "gun for hire" whose calling card read: "Have Gun. Will Travel...Wire Paladin, San Francisco." Paladin had one basic rule in life "Never to go anyplace without a gun." His black, single leather holster sported a silver cameo of a equine chess figure (the Knight)...the same portrait printed on his business cards.

Pfister - On the sitcom LAVERNE & SHIRLEY/ABC/1976-83 the word "Pfister" is used in a number of episodes. The German word has reportedly been linked to an old tannery building in Milwaukee whose wall displayed a sign large with the names "Pfister & Vogel" located at Water Street and Brady Street. The following is a list of "Pfister" occurrences found in Laverne & Shirley scripts:

  • At the beginning of episode No. 32, a man from "The Pfister Mortuary and Funeral Parlor" visits the girl's apartment
  • In episode No. 33 Shirley Feeney wins a free honeymoon trip to "The Hotel Pfister"
  • In episode No. 37 a man named Charles Pfister Crane (a parody of Charles Foster Kane in the movie Citizen Kane) transforms Laverne & Shirley into the singing group called "The Rosebuds."
  • In episode No. 46 singer Fabian performed at "The Pfister Arena"
  • In episode No 59 Laverne and Lenny go to "The Hotel Pfister" for the Polish Debutante Ball
  • In episode No. 60 Carmine Ragusa tries to get a loan to open up a dance studio; He applies at "Pfister Savings and Loan";
    In episode No. 74 Andrew "Squiggy" Squiggman says his favorite mouthwash is "Pfisterene Mouthwash"
  • In episode No 74 Laverne & Shirley purchase a statue from "Pfister Plaster Palace"
  • In episode No. 93 Shirley advises Laverne's father, Frank (who wants to propose marriage) to take his girlfriend Edna on a romantic dinner at "Cafe Le Pfister."
  • In episode No. 107 Carmine Ragusa talks about the time he took the girls to the "Chez Pfister" restaurant
  • In episode No. 111 Shirley and Laverne eat at a restaurant called "Pfister Fong's".

There are also even references to "Pfister" in the HAPPY DAYS series including the "Pfister Retirement Home"; and for one season, Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli dated Ashley Pfister (Linda Purl) who had a cute little daughter named Heather Pfister (Heather O'Rourke).

"You know, you really should watch your language. Someone didn't know you, they might think you were a woman-hating jerk."

-- Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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