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Conehead Language - Outer Space language spoken by Beldar, Prymaat and Connie Conehead, three aliens from the planet Remulak who lived incognito in the New Jersey suburbs (originally seen on skits during NBCs SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! in the 1970s).

'Coneheads' Movie (1993)

When asked about their origins, the Coneheads quickly respond "We're from France!" (they're a circus family). Although their accent in nothing like a French one.

The following is a list of words peculiar to the Remulakan vocabulary:

  • Borp Mip - The End
  • Blunt Skull -  Humans
  • House of Intake - Restaurant
  • Hygienic Chamber - Bathroom
  • Jalabala -  Jockstrap
  • Kremnarthel - Forbidden
  • Kremnotts - Hail or I salute you
  • Light Zerls - Light Years
  • Living Chamber - Home or apartment
  • Maintain Low Tones - Don't raise your voice at me
  • Mebs - This phrase has multiple meaning like Oh, No! Ouch, Damn it; warning, watch out or you anger me
  • Molten Lactate Extract of Hooved Animals - Hot Melted Cheese
  • Pleasure Tone Spewer - Stereo system
  • Quenchorns - Beer mugs fashioned from a garthok's nosehorn
  • Tone-Spewer - Musician
  • Trisklipps - Measurement of about 20 seconds
  • Xoxoff  - Wild Party
  • Zerl  - 2.17 Earth years-Remulak's orbit time around the Black Hole)
For additional phases and information on the planet Remulak read: "Coneheads: The Life and Times of Beldar Conehead" by Tom Davis and Dan Aykroyd-as told to Gorman Seedling, INS Commissioner, Retired (Hyperion, 1993).

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