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George Francisco-isms - The science fiction adventure ALIEN NATION/FOX/1989-91 starred Eric Pierpoint as Det. George Francisco, an outer space alien called a Newcomer, who partnered with a human police detective Det. Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham) to patrol the streets of Los Angeles.

Matthew Sikes with his partner, George Francicso - ALIEN NATION

Unfamiliar with American culture, George Franciso often put his foot in his mouth by twisting the meaning of many popular cliché's and sayings. The following are some of his faux pas samplings:

  • "You can catch more honey with a pound of vinegar than with a pound of flies."
  • "Oh, that's the game with the little pointy ball!" (speaking of football)
  • "Pete's the hell out of me."
  • "All that's gold isn't glitter."
  • "There are two birds in a bush."
  • "I wasn't sure how long to cook the hamburgers. Do you think one hour is enough?"
  • "Human morning breath is no spring chicken."
  • "Wild whores couldn't drag me away."
  • "Boogerman" (he meant to say "The Bogeyman")
  • "Two rights don't make a wrong."
  • "Anymore of this and I'll need a hot shower."
  • "You and your nacho culture."
  • "Why must you always have the head of a pig?"
  • George: "What a Bumbo." Matt: "Bimbo, George, bimbo."
  • "It's fascinating and very advanced for humans that you have a science devoted exclusively to analyzing what makes you tock."
  • "Cut off the head of the snake, and the dominoes will fall."
  • Matt (to pregnant Susan): "You want to be out here with a bun in the oven?" George: "Susan, did you leave buns in the oven?"
  • "He's a real cool dude, a real hep cat." (George being stylish);
  •  Matt: "Don't let it swell your head." George: "Is my head swelling?"
  • "I have a feeling you're just mean with envy."
  • "I maybe pregnant, but I'm still a man." (Newcomer males carry their baby to term)
  • "It doesn't take a Sherwood Holmes to see something's bothering you."
  • "Hit one for the Ripper!"
  • "She's the best thing since diced bread."
  • "I'm rot under the collar!"
  • "I had flies in my stomach."
  • "I realize you're not very well exposed to me right now..."
  • "Strong as a lox."

George wasn't the only one who got things mixed up. His wife, Susan (Michele Scarabelli) occasionally tripped up. For example:

  • "Bopping for apples."
  • "In this society they put their elders in restrooms."
  • "It's the equivalent of your masonry position." (she meant "Missionary").

And finally, there was Cathy Frankel's (Terri Treas) classic retort "Is that a fish in your hand or am I just glad to see you?"

TRIVIA NOTE: When the Newcomers hear Det. Matt Sikes' last name they tend to chuckle because in their Tenctonese language, "Sikes" sounds like a phrase meaning "excrement in cranium."

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