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Klingon Language - Inspired by the hit science fiction series STAR TREK/NBC/1966-69, The Klingon Dictionary: English/Klingon, Klingon/English by Marc Okrand (Pocket Books 1985, 1992) is the official guide to Klingon words and phrases including new materials from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and sequel motion pictures.

Klingon Warrior

According to the book's introduction, the dictionary was created "under the auspices of the Federation Scientific Research Council to record and analyze the language and culture of the Klingons with goals of preparing an encyclopedia."

The book is divided into two parts: grammatical sketch and dictionary proper. Klingonese is a harsh, guttural-tongued language. Some examples:

  • K'adlo -  Thank You
  • naDev ghos! - Come Here!
  • Tlhlngan jlh - I am Klingon
  • DaH!- Now!
  • pahtk - a Klingon insult
  • nuqneH - What do you want
  • jIyajbe'  - I don't understand
  • pIch vIghajbe' -  It's not my fault
  • HIjol -  Beam me aboard!

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