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Bobbed - Term first coined on the Internet by Peter J. Evans on 4/28/96 in an message about Dr. Kerry Weaver (played by Laura Innes), one of the actors who costarred on the medical drama ER/NBC/1994+

ER - NBC TV Series

To be "bobbed" describes a character who appears on the show and then mysteriously drops out of sight, causing viewers to wonder where the actor is now.

The term takes its name from a timid Polish woman character named Bogdanalivetsky Romansky (played by Malgoscha Gebel) who stopped appearing with no explanation early in the show's storyline.

"Bob" (as ER staffers dubbed Bogdanalivetsky) formerly worked as a vascular surgeon in Poland, before taking her job as an Administrations Desk Clerk on the show.

Other characters to be classified as "bobbed" were:

  • Susan Lewis' boyfriend Dr. Div Cvetic (John Terry) who disappeared from her life until a later storyline explained he was now married to the owner of a mortuary chain
  • Timmy, (Glenn Plummer), who worked at the ER administrative desk; and resident Dr. Maggie Doyle (Jorja Fox).

The term "bobbed" doesn't apply to background extras (nurses, paramedics, etc.) but rather to regular and recurring characters who seemingly are just written out of the program with no explanation.

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