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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
801-FEM      Sedan Det. Chris Cagney   Cagney & Lacey


Sedan       Det. Chris Cagney  Cagney & Lacey
T1204  Sedan       Cara Wilton Cara Williams Show
1GB-0927     Sedan   Cassie Holland      Cassie & Co.
IM CRUSIN Sports Car  Vince Butler    California Fever

IR 772 

Dune Buggy (a.k.a."Grossmobile") Ross Whitman  California Fever
394-36 Blue 1941 Plymouth Conv.  Francis Cavanaugh Cavanaughs
CRPT-KING   Bronze Volvo Station Wagon Don & Sally Miller    Charmings
275-JLH  License Hanging in Garage Ed Brown Chico & the Man
16A60  Kawasaki 1000 Motorcycle   Off. Jon Baker  CHiPs
TCQ-278 Red 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser    Wes Freewald Chronicle 
044-APD or 448-DBZ 1950 Rusty Gray Peugeot   Det. Columbo   Columbo  
EWING-4 Red Mercedes Convertible  Bobby Ewing Dallas
INB 68A  Sedan     Gina McKay     Dangerous Curves
1302KB   Dark Chrysler PT Cruiser      Bruce Lewis Dead Zone
753-321  Sports Convertible      Glenn Garth   Delphi Bureau
BBG-477   Powder Blue Convertible    Delta Bishop  Delta
BE2083E    Sedan   Jason King    Department S
874Y3L  White Sedan Annabelle Hurst    Department S
YYM-297 Sedan      Stewart Sullivan      Department S
6939PE   Limo Sir Curtis Seretse      Department S
BIG-DOC Sedan Abraham Butterfield       Doctor, Doctor
471-PZU Truck   Michael Larson  Dolphin Cove
KHE-458  Sedan  Dr. Mark Christian     Dr. Christian
WHO-1   Yellow Model-T (a.k.a. "Bessy") Dr. Who    Dr. Who
ILNN 506   Sedan   Insp. John Forney   Downtown  
DLW-6A3 White Volkswagen Bug  Drew Carey Drew Carey Show
#1 MOM ( ? )  Buelah  Carey   Drew Carey Show
RCW-139.  1971 Buick Riviera   Det. Ray Vecchio   Due South

CNH-320 General Lee License Plate

Orange 1969 Dodge Charger     Bo & Luke Duke Dukes of Hazzard
White AMC Golden Eagle Jeep (a.k.a. "Dixie") Daisy Duke Dukes of Hazzard  
1AQU703 Blue Corniche Rolls Royce  L. K. McGuire  Easy Street
460-EKA   Station Wagon  Tom Bradford   Eight is Enough 
842-CU1  Sedan     Tom Bradford     Eight is Enough
YNH-872 M6 Sedan (a.k.a. "Gwendolyn")  Abby Bradford   Eight is Enough
HIR-312 Van  David Bradford Eight is Enough
553-VFZ   Sedan  Tommy Bradford     Eight is Enough
999-007   Dodge Paramedic Vehicle   Roy DeSoto    Emergency
999-007 Dodge Paramedic Vehicle  John Gage  Emergency
427-563   Blue Cadillac Conv.  Dr. Douglas Ross ER
5809-AUJ    Black 1985 XJ6 Jaguar Robert McCall  Equalizer
5809-AUG Black 1985 XJ6 Jaguar  Robert McCall  Equalizer


Plymouth Valiant Sedan (Grey) 

Ray Barone (Ray nicknamed the car "Lucky" because he got lucky [his first time] with Lisa Constantine in High School) Everyone Loves Raymond 

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