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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
4X-88-61 or   PU-8054 or 12S9523  Antique Maxwell    Jack Benny Jack Benny Show
98-81304   Farm Truck   George Miller  Jeff's Collie
AQN-249 Orange VW Bug  Jesse Warner  Jesse
327-WED Sedan Jessica Novak  Jessica Novak


White 1964 Continental J. J. Starbuck J. J. Starbuck
183-HYE Sedan  Julie Farr      Julie Farr, M.D.
304-MGD  Sedan  Mrs. Kate Callahan Kate Loves a Mystery
D541-EXL  Silver Grey Sedan Hyacinth Bucket  Keeping Up Appearances
416-2AS Orange Sedan Hank & Peggy Hill King of the HIll
KNIGHT  Black Pontiac Trans-AM (Serial No. Alpha-Delta 227529) Michael Knight   Knight Rider
2GPU-947   Black Jaguar XJS     Gary Ewing  Knots Landing
394-AFL Sedan   Det. Theo Kojak       Kojak
383-JDZ Sedan  Det. Theo Kojak Kojak
525 THQ Blue Station Wagon Trager Family Car Kyle XY
LA-LAW Mercedes (later a Bentley) Arnie Becker   L. A. Law
4DJ56 Bronze Ford Bronco  Det. Katy Mahoney  Lady Blue
A4725  Black Hudson Convertible Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney Laverne & Shirley
WJG-865 Dodge Sedan      Ward & June Cleaver    Leave It To Beaver
ULT-310 Dodge Sedan Ward & June Cleaver     Leave It To Beaver
UTF-673  Dodge Sedan  Ward & June Cleaver   Leave It To Beaver
KJG-865     Dodge Sedan Ward & June Cleaver     Leave It To Beaver
JHJ-335   Green Convertible  Wally Cleaver  Leave It To Beaver
AUG-865  Sedan  Fred Rutherford  Leave It To Beaver
PZR-342  Green Sedan Lumpy Rutherford    Leave It To Beaver
DEX-627    Silver Porsche   Claire McCarron   Leg Work
JNE-734   Sedan      Drew Thatcher Life Goes On  
TSD - 596    Blue & White Volkswagen Van  The Lone Gunmen     Lone Gunmen 
SUPER MOM  Minivan Nadine Berkus Love & War

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