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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
275816 Patrol Car MacGruder & Loud

MacGruder & Loud


Jeep Wrangler Angus MacGyver  MacGyver
2PEK-186 '57 Chevy Nomad station wagon with White Roof  and Powder Blue Body Angus MacGyver MacGyver
2IAB345 Yellow '46 Ford truck Angus MacGyver MacGyver


Antique Rolls Royce Madame (the Puppet) Madame's Place


White Corvette Anthony Blake    The Magician


Red Ferrari 308  Thomas Magnum  Magnum, P.I.


Audi 3000       Thomas Magnum      Magnum, P.I.


GMC Jimmy Station Wagon Jonathan Higgins          Magnum, P.I.


Red Ferrari 308        Thomas Magnum         Magnum, P.I.


Red Ferrari    308 Thomas Magnum  Magnum, P.I.


Family Station Wagon John MacGillis Major Dad


Family Station Wagon John MacGillis Major Dad
TRS 3RD Yellow Sedan Thomas Remington Sloane A Man Called Sloane

20CE - 465

Sedan James "Jim" Doyle     Man of the People


Metallic Blue Piranha     Napoleon Solo          Man From U.N.C.L.E.


Sedan Nick Mancuso    Mancuso, FBI


Olds Toronado Ragtop  Joe Mannix  Mannix


Blue-Green Convertible Joe Mannix                            Mannix


Red Volkswagen Beetle Brandis LaSalle Mariah


Delivery Truck Nick Williams  Married People

61 CMS2 or F3B359 
or 2 RPH 72

1974 Bronze Dodge Sedan

AlBundy Al Bundy's Revoked Driver's License

Married With Children


Red Thunderbird Car Matt Helm Matt Helm
COWBOY-1 Rolls Royce  Matt Houston Matt Houston
COWBOY-9  Brown & White Ford Lariat Pickup with Camper Shell Matt Houston Matt Houston    
21-VE-124  Creme-Colored Excalibur  Matt Houston Matt Houston
IYXQ-753 or PEK-560  Sedan Det. Max Monroe  Max Monroe: Loose Cannon
XCK-713  Yellow MG Roadster Convertible Sally McMillan McMillan & Wife
502-BLU 1965 Blue Mustang Convertible  Mike Hammer  Mickey Spillane's  Mike Hammer
2HN-267 Sedan Jack Killian   Midnight Caller
2RA-0834 Mercedes  Devon King Midnight Caller
6LNK-534  1965 Dodge Dart   Dr. Billy Hayes  Misfits of Science
NN1139  Sedan Pamela / Gerald North Mr. & Mrs. North
SLW287R Yellow Mini Sedan Mr. Bean  Mr. Bean
(not seen)  Porsche (a.k.a. "Wolfgang")  Marsha Owens Mr. Belvedere
LUCKY Sedan  Mr. Lucky  Mr. Lucky
FIM-921 1961 2-door Studebaker Wilbur Post Mister Ed
RJY-908 Sedan Wilbur Post  Mister Ed
27-704-Q  KONE-TV Station Wagon  Pete Campbell Mobile One
188-458  1950 Mercury Station Wagon (a.k.a. "Woody" - driven off cliff during second season)  Three Hippie Cops    Mod Squad  
PER-540  or   NPH-623  Monkeemobile The Monkees Monkees 
ML2-9HJ   Dark Blue/Gray Jeep   Mindy McConnell Mork & Mindy
044-APD Sedan  Mrs. Kate Columbo  Mrs. Columbo
261MVP2 Station Wagon Mike / Jane Mulligan  Mulligan's Stew
HAJ-302 Hot Rod Herman Munster Munsters
452-689J  or
Sedan  Miles Silverberg Murphy Brown
189-347 White Porsche Murphy Brown Murphy Brown
JFI-561 Convertible Tim O'Hara My Favorite  Martian  
PZR-317  Black 1928 Porter  Dave Crabtree My Mother the Car
592-BAJ  4 x 4    Benjamin Jeffcoat    My Secret Identity
CFN-148 or  JXN-127 Station Wagon Stephanie Clements  My Secret Identity  
 483-ENX Pontiac Station Wagon Steve Douglas My Three Sons

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