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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
3GQD685  Yellow 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible with
425 Horsepower Hemi Engine
Nash Bridges    Nash Bridges    
GIDG TVL Dodge Van (later a   Volkswagen Rabbit Frances  "Gidget" Griffin       The New Gidget
999-358   4 x 4 Chris McCulloch    The New Lassie
938-IYN Sedan Chris McCulloch The New Lassie
NO. 1 MOM Sedan    June Cleaver  The New Leave It
To Beaver
HOT-TO-TROT Mercedes (a.k.a. "The Dan Mobile") Dan Fielding Night Court
(None)  Chevy Truck Ed Chigliak    Northern Exposure
JR-38LC  Jeep Ed Chigliak Northern Exposure
5792-H2 Truck   Dr. Joel Fleischman  Northern Exposure
8346MA Truck Maggie O'Connell  Northern Exposure
39-759   Light Brown Cadillac Convertible Maurice Minnifield Northern Exposure
83436MA  Pickup Truck Maggie O'Connell Northern Exposure
TX-4173 Jeep  Wildlife Clinic Car  Okavango
FKE-119L Yellow Mini Van    Trotters Trading Co.  Only Fools & Horses
2XHX-622 Sedan Donna Garlund    Out Of This World
2915AJ Rolls Royce     Maxwell Beckett    Over My Dead Body
68132 1931 Roadster  Moses "Moze" Pray  Paper Moon
IFL-896 Sedan Carole Stanwyck  Partners In Crime
IPCE-467 Sedan Sydney Kovak  Partners In Crime
NLX-590 Yellow School Bus Painted with Psychedelic Colors. Sign on rear of bus read:  "Careful. Nervous Mother Driving" Shirley Partridge    Partridge Family
BS-1 Yellow-Orange Fast-back Sedan Lord Brett Sinclair The Persuaders
JFH-647   1924 Hutmobile Roadster Peter Porter Pete & Gladys
NAQ-758 Sedan Det .Lt. Frank Drebin  Police Squad!
YM4875    Sedan    Det. Lt. Frank Drebin  Police Squad!
TW4305 Sedan    Det. Lt. Frank Drebin    Police Squad!
635-CIN   Sedan    Lee Ann Anderson   Police Woman
KAR-120C  Green Lotus 7 Sports Car    with yellow front. According to Number Six : "I know every nut, bolt & cog...I built it with my own hands"  Engine No. 461034TZ." Number Six Prisoner    
TLH-858  Black Hearse Sedan seen in opening credits    Prisoner
NOP-789 Black 1956 Desoto Convertible.  Jack Cleary   Private Eye
2DQ-1876 Patrol Car    Det. Cody Powell      P.S. I LUV U
899995      Corner's Station Wagon       Dr. R. Quincy      Quincy, M.E.

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