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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
BKP-460   Black 1961 Cadillac Sedan  Nick Foley Rags To Riches
RDH-352 Limo     Nick Foley       Rags To Riches
EZP-374    Sedan      Diane Foley    Rags To Riches
YEW-576 Station Wagon Bob & Dori Quimby Ramona
531-AJX   Sedan Beatrice Quimby    Ramona
R-STEELE   Black Cadillac Sedan    Remington Steele   Remington Steele
R-STEELE 1936 Auburn    Remington Steele  Remington Steele
IDR-0373 Blue Mercedes   Remington Steele  Remington Steele 
YO MORTON Sedan  Debbie Morton      Rock Candy
853-CNG    Bronze Pontiac Firebird James Rockford Rockford Files
853-OKG    Bronze Pontiac Firebird  James Rockford      Rockford Files
IE49901    Pickup Truck  Rocky Rockford  Rockford Files
846-7T9C      Blue Pickup Truck Dan Conner Roseanne
2D-7876  (later model license plates: 1C-9150) White 1960 Corvette   Tod Stiles & Buzz Murdock  Route 66 (1960)
20-7876 Red 1961 Corvette Nick Lewis (Inherited the car from father, Buzz Murdock)  Route 66 (1993)
IMOLD   Sedan    Grandpa Pickles   Rugrats
PKLS   Sedan    Pickles Family Car Rugrats
ST-1  White Volvo 1800 S   Simon Templar   The Saint
NNT-516 Antique Rolls Royce  Harry Broderick   Salvage 1


Corvette  Lee Stetson Scarecrow & Mrs. King
JVN-728 Black Saab Convertible   Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld
JOY 038   Hot Rod   Gerald L. "Kookie" Kookson 77 Sunset Strip
K-3400  Hot Rod  Gerald L. "Kookie" Kookson  77 Sunset Strip
BLASTOFF   Sedan  Det. Michael Burton  Shades of L.A.
SHE SPIES Yellow Jeep  Convertible Cassie, Shane & Dee Dee She Spies 
OPH-37A   Red '65 Mustang Convertible     Police Detective        Silk Stalkings
1PPA335 Red Camaro Convertible  A. J. Simon Simon & Simon
397-PCE  1957 Blue Chevy Convertible A. J. Simon   Simon & Simon
PGL-175    Sedan      Dick Smothers Smothers Brothers
473-FEM             Antique Sedan      Ernesta/Gwen Snoop  Snoop Sisters
207-TFH   Grey 1986 Ford Mustang . Spenser originally had a black  1965 fast-back Mustang.  It crashed, rolled over and then exploded in rural Massachusetts while he was pursuing an escaped criminal. Robert Spenser   Spenser: For Hire
537-ONN  Red & White 1974 Torino Dave Starsky   Starsky & Hutch
129-815    GMC Pickup Truck       Frank Lambert     Step By Step
52-7P9 GMC Pickup Truck   Frank Lambert     Step By Step
(?)    Van (a.k.a. "Lucille")    Cody Lambert    Step By Step
83-7201  Motorcycle      Grady Jamieson    Street Justice
EGW-769 or  STINGRAY  1965 Black Stingray      Ray (a.k.a. "Stingray")   Stingray
KAZ 2Y5 1967 Black Chevy Impala Dean Winchester Supernatural
NIR-548 Jeep    Nick Slaughter Sweating Bullets

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