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License Plates

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Plate No. Model / Type Owner / Driver Program
BST-1  Silver 4x4 Vehicle
(a.k.a. "Beast")  
Duke Davis Team Knight Rider
367-IRQ Green Triumph TR-7 Sports   Lionel Whitney        Tenspeed & Brown Shoe
BX2-100LB  1957 Red Cadillac Convertible  Nico Bonetti    Tequila & Bonneti
TZ3820 1969 Gold  Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Station Wagon (with chrome rooftop luggage rack) given to Eric by his dad who faithfully maintained the car before giving it away Eric Forman That '70s Show
D2G-683 White and Green VW Bus with sun roof and curtains Kelso That '70s Show
J5U-439   1958 Silver/Blue Corvette Convertible  Red Forman That 70s Show
RWE-2KL 1957 Red Corvette  Ablerama & Boximaxio  They Came From
Outer Space
ASTA Sedan  Nick & Nora Charles    Thin Man
(?)  Red Cherokee   Michael Steadman  Thirtysomething 
TCR 3B5   Station Wagon    Elliot Weston  Thirtysomething
4R-562  Vogue Motorhome
("a.k.a. Zebec")   
Pete Karras  Three for the Road
FAB-1 Pink Rolls Royce    Lady Penelope Thunderbirds
BMG-243    Black Rolls Royce     Ms. Forbes-Hamilton   To The Manor Born
2URH 134  Sedan       Rosie O'Neill       Trials of Rosie O'Neill
T48611T    Taxi Cab   Yuri  True Blue
TANNA      Red 1957 Thunderbird Convertible.    Dan Tanna  Vega$
  Black Chrysler LeBaron convertible Veronica Mars Veronica Mars
VIP-VAL  Dark Blue Sports Convertible   Valerie Irons    VIP
T-98254 Black Dodge Pickup Truck  with a 1934 license plate. John Walton   Waltons  
T241-736  Aging Flat-Bed Truck (as seen on Thanksgiving  Reunion special in 1993) John Walton   Waltons   
MX8266 or 518-G8Q Jaguar    Angela Bower     Who's the Boss
780-A6N   1967 Rusty Blue Chevy Van   Tony sold the van for $300. Tony Micelli Who's the Boss
PH3925     1989 Black Jeep Cherokee   Tony Micelli   Who's the Boss
SAM'S CAR   Yellow 1968 Oldsmobile   Samantha Micelli Who's the Boss
2LK-G497  GMC 4x4 Van Jack McCall  Wild Jack
CELLO  Black Jeep  Helen Chappel   Wings
(?)   Purple El Camino   Roy Biggins          Wings
376-WED   Red 1986 Ford Bronco equipped with rear end smokescreen and super-glue spray. Simon McKay    Wizard  
GPE-385  Chevrolet Impala Sedan Jack Arnold  Wonder Years
BEQ-326 Chevrolet Impala  Sedan   Jack Arnold   Wonder Years


Blue-Grey Dodge Polara     Station Wagon Jack Arnold Wonder Years
QGF-846  Blue 4-door Oldsmobile Kevin Arnold   Wonder Years
3FAN 834 Green 4-door Sedan   Dana Scully   X-FIles

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