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Hammurabi's Coin - On episode No. 208 "Samantha's Old Salem Trip" on the situation comedy BEWITCHED/ABC/1964-72 Esmeralda (Alice Ghostley) accidentally transports Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) back to Old Salem, Massachusetts (without her memory).

Samantha in Salem, Massachusetts  - Shackled in irons for being a witch - BEWITCHED
Samantha shackled in irons

To save the day, Endora (Agnes Moorehead) gives Sam's husband, Darrin (Dick Sargent) a magic silver coin minted in the ancient days of Hammurabi to counter the spell and bring Samantha home.

To make the coin work, Darrin had to make Samantha face to the East, place the coin on her forehead, bow three times. and recite the magical incantation "Akmed Talu Varsee Lupin" (meaning "Good Luck" in Babylonian). To keep the coin stuck to her head as she bowed, Darrin covered the coin with honey.

As Samantha uttered the last word of the incantation she regained her memory and then traveled back to the 20th century. Before she left, however, she chastised the village elders of Old Salem for persecuting witches.

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