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Rates Person Program
$2.90 an hour    Alice Hyatt/Waitress  Alice
10% Recovery Fee        Banacek/Thomas/Investigator Banacek
$20.00 a day   Miles C. Banyon
/Private Eye     
Blank Check  Brackett & Reach/Mercenaries   Bearcats
$1.50 a mile B.J. McCay/Truck Driver  B.J. & the Bear
$.50 a week    Jethro Bodine
/Hillbilly nephew
Beverly Hillbillies
$7500 Retainer/$300 per hour Sydney Guilford
/Divorce Lawyer
Civil Wars
$1 Million per case Jefferson Keyes/Private Eye   Cool Million
$ 26,000 a year Drew Carey
/Personnel Director   
Drew Carey Show
$1000 per case Paladin/Gun-For-Hire  Have Gun Will Travel
$62.00 a month Ralph Kramden/Bus Driver Honeymooners
$200 a month Johnny Ringo/Sheriff  Johnny Ringo
$50 a month  Johnny McKay/Deputy The Lawman
$200 a day  Thomas Magnum/Private Eye Magnum, P.I.
$12,000 annually   Al Bundy/Shoe Salesman Married...with Children
$100,000 retainer  Ben Matlock/Lawyer    Matlock

$100.00 a day plus expenses

Richard Diamond/Private Eye Richard Diamond
$10.00  Richard Diamond/Snitch fee Richard Diamond
$200 a day plus expenses Richie Brockelman
/Private Eye 
Richie Brockelman
$200.00 a day plus expenses             Jim Rockford/Private Eye    Rockford Files
$40.00  Scott Norris/Reporter  Roaring Twenties
$40.00  Pat Garrison
Roaring Twenties
$250.00 a day plus expenses Nick Slaughter/Private Eye  Sweating Bullets
$50.00  Jeff Spencer/Snitch Fee  77 Sunset Strip
$5000 a day plus expenses Hurricane Spencer
Thunder In Paradise

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