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Zebec - Motorhome seen on the short-lived adventure series THREE FOR THE ROAD/CBS/1975.

Cast of Three for the Road

Zebec was the nickname of the 4R-562 Vogue Motorhome that housed widower free-lance photographer Pete Karras (Alex Rocco) and his two sons, John (Vincent Van Patten) and Endy (Leif Garrett) as they roamed the USA on assignment.

The Motorhome coach was white with a dark green strip running midway down its length; a motorbike was strapped to the rear.

Zebec's license plate is R-562; its mobile CB code is WZA-7482.

Cast of THREE FOR THE ROAD with Zebec

A summary of their exploits by episode follows:

  • Pilot: The Karras family  meet an female newscaster whose boyfriend has a violent streak
  • Episode One: Pete's son, John overcome his fear of heights to participate in a hang-gliding competition.
  • Episode Two: John competes in a tennis match the includes an opponent with overly competitive parents.
  • Episode Three: Pete is hired to photograph a woman's sister who happens to be a ghost.
  • Episode Four: Pete's old friend, an alcoholic balloonist prevents his daughter from going to college.
  • Episode Five: Endy learns that the father (a doctor) of his new girlfriend is on the run from the police. .
  • Episode Six: A teen runaway and her boyfriend try to steal the Zebec.
  • Episode Seven: (not aired)
  • Episode Eight: (not aired)
  • Episode Nine: Endy befriends a trouble boy.
  • Episode Ten: The Karras family meet an single mother whose neglects her son to pursue a love life.
  • Episode Eleven: The Karras family help find the kidnapped daughter of an industrial magnate..
  • Episode Twelve: John and Endy must fend for themselves after a horse riding accident sends their father, Pete to the hospital.

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