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Doctor Johnny Fever - Disc jockey Johnny Caravella's (Howard Hesseman) on-air persona while he worked the morning shift for the "Top 40" rock and roll radio station WKRP IN CINCINNATI/CBS/1978-82.

Doctor Johnny Fever and Les Nessman - WKRP IN CINCINNATI
Johnny Fever on the Air

Johnny is a burned-out 60s rocker who avoided responsibility, mismanaged money and always had a glazed over look in his eyes. Before coming to WKRP he was fired from a Los Angles radio station for saying the word "Booger" on the air. His first day on the radio in Cincinnati went something like this:

"You've got the Doctor, I'm burning up in here. We're all in critical condition, babies. But you can tell me where it hurts, because I got the healing prescription here from the big WKRP musical medicine cabinet. Now I'm talking about a 50,000 watt intensive care unit, babies. So just sit right down, relax, open you ears real wide and say give it to me straight Doctor, I can take it!"

A few seconds into a rock and roll song, he interrupted the record to say the "Oh yeah, BOOGERS!"

The Johnny Fever character returned for a few episodes as the overnight DJ on the syndicated revival of the series THE NEW WKRP IN CINCINNATI/SYN/1991-93.

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