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Hannah Montana - The showbiz pseudonym of  preteen pop singer Miley Stewart, (Miley Cyrus) who moved from Tennessee to Malibu on the situation comedy HANNAH MONTANA/DIS/2006+. Miley's catchphrases are "Sweet Nibblets" and "Ya think?"

Hannah Montana, aka Miley Stewart
Hannah Montana aka Miley Stewart

By day, Miley is an average teenager (with brown hair) going to school and hanging out her friends. By night, however, Miley dons a double life as a popular teen idol (with blonde hair) singing her heart out for an ocean of fans.

Only a few of her friends and family know that Miley is Hannah Montana, including:

  • Dad and manager, Robbie Ray Stewart (Billie Ray Cyrus)
  • Brother Jackson Stewart (Jason Earles)
  • Friend Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment), who also leads a double life as Lola, the best friend of Hanna Montana
  • Friend Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso) who assumes the alias of rapper Mike Standley the III to attend events with Lola and Hannah.
  • Roxy, Hannah's African-American bodyguard (Frances Callier). Her catchphrase is "Roxy like a puma".

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