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Vic Fontaine - Las Vegas lounge singer from a holographic program (No. 62) created by space station Doctor Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig) on the sci-fi series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE/SYN/1993-1999.

Vic Fontaine with some lovely ladies

Dressed in a tuxedo, Vic Fontaine (played by James Darren) entertained the crowds of admirers who visited his holographic casino environment to drink, smoke and gamble, and of course, to hear Vic sing.

To make Vic's personality true to the times, he was imbued with all the old Earth slang one might expect someone from 1962 to speak. (Cat, Daddy-O, etc.)

When singing such classics like "I'll Be Seeing You," Vic's smooth vocal style resembled the cool tones of Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett.

If asked to take some time off from his program, Vic responded "Performing is my life. I got to get out there and swing or I'm just another Clyde in a tux."

In between sets, Vic mingled with customers and often counseled lost souls who were depressed over their love life or other problems.

;Vic Fontaine with Microphone
Vic Fontaine at the Microphone

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