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"Johnny Angel" - Hit song sung by Shelley Fabares from the sitcom THE DONNA REED SHOW/ABC/1958-66. Shelley played Jeff's teenage sister, Mary Stone (who left the series at the end of 1962 season).

Johnny Angel Album - Shelley Fabares - THE DONNA REED SHOW

Another hit rock song that premiered on a 1962 episode of the same sitcom called "She Can't Find the Keys" The song appeared in a dream sequence in which teenager Jeff Stone (Paul Peterson) imagined himself as a teen recording idol. Paul Peterson followed this hit song with the 1963 song "My Dad" dedicated to his TV father Alex Stone (Carl Betz).

Johnny Angel Lyrics
(Words and Music by Lee Pockriss and Lyn Duddy)

(Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel)
You're an angel to me

Johnny Angel, how I love him
He's got something that I can't resist
But he doesn't even know that I-I-I exist

Johnny Angel, how I want him
How I tingle when he passes by
Every time he says "Hello" my heart begins to fly

(I'm in heaven) I get carried away
I dream of him and me and how it's gonna be
(Other fellas) call me up for a date
But I just sit and wait, I'd rather concentrate

On Johnny Angel (Johnny Angel)
'cause I love him ('cause I love him)
And I pray that someday he'll love me
And together we will see how lovely heaven will be


(Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel)
Johnny Angel, (Johnny Angel), you're an angel to me

(Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel)
Johnny Angel, (Johnny Angel), you're an angel to me

TRIVIA NOTE: Another sitcom teenager Tim Considine who played Mike Douglas on the sitcom MY THREE SONS/ABC/CBS/1960-72 also got into the recording game with a tune entitled "Take It from a Guy Who Knows."

Lori Martin from adventure series NATIONAL VELVET/NBC/1960-62 recorded the heartfelt "God Bless America, the Home of the Boy I Love."

And Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz who played a father & son on sitcom THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER/ABC/1969-72 recorded the duet "Daddy, What If" in 1970. See also "Kookie! Kookie! Lend Me Your Comb"


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