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This month's featured TV Animal is

...Arnold the Semi-Wonder Dog

Arnold is a half pit bull/half Labrador family pet. He belongs to  the Thatcher family who live at 305 Woodridge Road in the town of Glen Brook, Illinois. Arnold's caretakers included Libby Thatcher, an ad agency account executive; Drew Thatcher, the owner of the Glen Brook Grill (lots of doggy bag goodies every night for Arnold) and the family's children Paige, the eldest daughter, Becky (14), and Charles "Corky" (18)  who has Down syndrome. Arnold's mission in life is to be fed. He likes to  carry his red bowl around the house to remind his owners to give his some dog food.

Arnold the Semi-Wonder Dog - LIFE GOES ON
   Arnold with friend "Becca" Thatcher (played by Kelly Martin)
 Photograph courtesy of ABC

TRIVIA NOTE: Arnold the "Semi-wonder dog" appeared on the domestic drama LIFE GOES ON/ABC/1989-93. Bullet the dog played the role of Arnold. Bullet was originally owned by animal trainer Richard Calkins who got Bullet from a friend when the dog was three months old. Bullet was later adopted by Joann Curtis, the daughter of the late Lassie trainer, Rudd Weatherwax who retired Bullet from show business as a family pet. Bullet lived with Curtis for fifteen years until his death of kidney failure in 1999. On the set, Bullet was a very affectionate dog who loved kids and got along extremely well all the cast members, especially Chris Burke who was very fond of Bullet. Off the set, Bullet loved to watch cartoons (Tweety Bird was a favorite) and enjoyed eating pizza crust from Palermo's in Hollywood. On the series' season finale, Bullet as Arnold the dog, who week after week mournfully clutched his food bowl in his mouth in the TV show's opening sequence, finally got fed in the last episode (Arnold lays down with his empty bowl, and a cupboard falls open and a large bag of dog food spills out on the floor). 

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