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TV Characters Born in February

Date Person Program

Feb. 8, 1982

"Randy" William Taylor Home Improvement

Feb. 9, 1975

Samuel "Screech" Powers Saved By The Bell
Feb. 12, 1963 Jamie Buchman Mad About You

Feb. 14, 2043

Scott Tracy Thunderbirds

Feb. 14, 2043  

GordonTracy Thunderbirds

Feb. 22, 1993

Nicholas Andrew Banks (baby) Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Feb. 22, 1963 Pebbles Flintstone Flintstones  

Feb. 23 

Phoebe and Ursula Buffay Friends  

Feb. 23, 1964

Dana Scully The X-Files  

Feb. 25, 1988

Toonces the Driving Cat Saturday Night Live  

Feb. 29 
(Leap Year)

Roy Biggins Wings  



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