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What do these shows have in common? They all featured illegal aliens as regular or recurring characters who were threatened with deportation

Billy Connolly as Billy Macgregor, a community college teacher of poetry and English Literature who illegally married a divorcee with three children to avoid being deported back to Scotland (he forgot to renew his visa). He later won a green card in an immigration lottery.

Steve Valentine as Dr. Nigel Townsend, an extremely flamboyant, unorthodox and quirky criminologist/forensics expert and ex-British soldier working at Boston's Coroner's Office. Faced with deportation after a low work evaluation, Nigel tries to outsmart the INS by getting one of his coworkers namely, free-spirited Lily Lebowski, (Kathryn Hahn), to be his wife so he can stay in the states. Apparently, Nigel was worried because his visa was up in 5 days. If he was not considered an essential employee who contributed special skills to the department, the INS would use that against him and send him back to England. In addition, Nigel had fibbed a little. He came to the US on a student visa 13 yrs ago and never left. Just before the sham wedding, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Garret Macy (Miguel Ferrer) upgraded Nigel's evaluation for two reasons. One, to keep Nigel in America; and two, to keep Lily from marrying him. Garret had recently realized he had a thing for her.

Craig Ferguson as Nigel Wick, an insensitive, power-mad manager of Winford Lowder Department Stores. To fool the INS into thinking he had a legitimate claim on citizenship, Nigel pressured his coworker Drew Carey to pose as his married gay lover to avoid deportation back to England. After a time, Drew refused to continue the sham. When Wicks. Mother Maggie Wick (Richard Chamberlain in drag) arrived for a visit, she physically accosted Drew trying to force him into continuing the illegal joining.

Elizabeth Pena as Dora Calderon, an attractive, El Salvadoran housekeeper/nanny working for a divorced Los Angeles architect and his two children. When she was threatened with deportation, her employer married her (he was afraid the Death Squads may try to kill her upon her return). Their platonic relationship soon developed into true love. The series producers added a small message at the end of the first episode that read: "WARNING, Marrying an illegal alien to avoid deportation is a Federal offense punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Do not try this in your own home." 

Stephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt, the head of the Remington Steele private investigations firm married her mysterious partner Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan) to keep him from being deported from America. To make their marriage look sincere to Immigration Service, Laura's secretary Mildred Krebs (Mildred Krebs) offered to pay for their honeymoon in Mexico. After being mistakenly booked at the Hotel Del Amor, a rundown jungle hideaway, our honeymooners took a suite in La Paz. When Remington arrived at La Paz, the manager exclaimed "Remington Steele, you are the big Dick from Los Angeles." And after an argument with Laura, Remington confesses "Well, at least were acting like a married couple." Their whole trip was plagued by nosey Immigration Service agents trying to prove the marriage was fake.

WILL & GRACE/NBC/1998-2006
Shelley Morrison as Rosario Salazar, a Salvadoran maid who worked in New York City for a wealthy, white employer named Karen Walker. To keep from being deported, Rosario and Karen arranged a fake marriage with a gay man named Jack who later demanded palimony from Karen when he found Rosario in bed with another man. Rosario and Karen’s prickly but caring relationship included such exchanges as "In my country I was a school teacher" Karen replied "In this country you wash my bras." and "Hey, you’re on the clock, tamale. Get to work." Rosario responds "Listen, Lady, I’ll squash you like a wormy apple." 

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