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Coach  See - "Red" 

Coca-Cola Girl, The - Singer entertainer Anita Bryant was under contract to the Coca-Cola Company from 1963-67 to promote its products on radio and television. Her official title was "The Coca-Cola Girl." TRIVIA NOTE: The soft drink Coca-Cola (then just a soda fountain beverage) was invented in 1886 by Atlanta, Georgia pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton. The Museum of Coca-Cola, a restored candy store located at 1107 Washington Street in Vicksburg, Mississippi celebrates the site where in 1894 Joseph A. Biedenharn first bottled what was to become Coca-Cola. Over the years Coca-Cola has produced a number of catchy slogans including "The pause that refreshes" (1929); It's the real thing" (1941); and "Coke is it" (1982). See also - "The Diet Coke Hunk"  and "The Pepsi-Cola Girl" 

Cockroach - Nickname of character played by Carl Anthony Payne II during the 1986-87 season of the sitcom THE COSBY SHOW/NBC/1984-92. Cockroach was the best friend of Theodore Huxtable (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), the teenage son of a New York City pediatrician. On the sitcom GOOD TIMES/CBS/1974-79, the Evans Family nicknamed their tenement home (the Cabrini-Green Housing Project in Chicago) the Cockroach Towers.

Codeman, The - Family nickname of nephew Cody Lambert (Sasha Mitchell) given to him by J.T. Lambert (Brandon Call) on the sitcom STEP BY STEP/ABC/1991-98. Cody thinks he is "the coolest guy on the planet...No chick can resist my personal magnetism." For those who try to resist him his motto is "She who laughs in my face, ends up in my embrace." He lives in a van that he calls "Lucille the Chick Mobile." When Cody took a trip around the world in search of the ultimate burger, he met an "ancient, mystical & wise" monk working at a Tibetan McDonald's who nicknamed him "Ste-e-e-e-ve" (that's Ste-e-e-e-ve" not Steve).

Combustible Huxtable - The nickname of Dr. Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) on the sitcom THE COSBY SHOW/NBC/1984-92. He earned his sports sobriquet while he participated on the track team at Hillman College in his younger days. When his daughter Denise (Lisa Bonet) joined the track team, she was called "The Little Engine."

Commish, The - Police Commissioner, Tony Scali (Michael Chiklis ) was affectionately called "The Commish" by his rank and file of officers at the suburban police station at Eastbridge, New York. The portly, balding and easygoing police commissioner was very intelligent (he had a law degree from Fordham University in the Bronx) but very practical when it came to the bad guys. When given a choice of chasing a criminal or missing a meal, he once said "Chases usually lead to friggin' injuries...but no one ever got hurt by a bowl of linguini." The COMMISH series was based on the real-life police commissioner, Tony Schembri of Rye, New York.

Conan - The personal nickname of celebrity Alyssa Milano. Alyssa is also called Lyssa and Lyss. Born December 19, 1972 in Brooklyn New York, the 5' 2" brown-haired Sagittarian has starred in a number of successful venues. They included the starring role in the Broadway play Annie at age eight; the perky Samantha "Sam" Micelli on the sitcom WHO'S THE BOSS/ABC/1984-92 and a lusciously desirable witch named Phoebe Halliwell on the fantasy series CHARMED/WB/1998-2006. Alyssa is not only a talented actress but a singer. She had five platinum albums released in Japan. They were titled: Alyssa, Look In My Heart, Best in the world, Locked In a Dream, and Do You See Me? In addition, a picture of Alyssa was used as inspiration to create the underwater heroine "Ariel" in the classic 1989 Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Besides collecting kudos for her acting and singing career, Alyssa has collected a number of tattoos on her body. See -TATTOOS & Other Body Markings - "Celebrity Tattoos"

Conner the Bomber - On the sitcom ROSEANNE/ABC/1988-97, Darlene Conner (Sara Gilbert) bestowed this insulting nickname on her sister Becky Conner (Lecy Goranson) after Becky accidentally "cut the cheese" while giving a speech at her school. Sister Darlene added insult to injury by saying "the only woman to break the sound barrier without a plane!"

Connoisseur of Amour - Self-proclaimed romantic moniker of J.J. Evans (Jimmie Walker), a skinny black teenager on the sitcom GOOD TIMES/CBS/1974-79. J.J. also called himself "The Emperor of Ecstasy" and "Kid Dy-no-mite!" His girlfriends had equally colorful names (Boom Boom Belinda, Samantha the Human Panther, and Velma the Vacuum Cleaner).

Continental, The - The nickname of the suave, debonair, Italian born Renzo Cesana who was the focus of the romantic program simply called THE CONTINENTAL/CBS/ABC/1952-53. The Continental was a video gigolo whose job was to "woo" the bored housewife with 15-minutes of intriguing conversation (one-sided as it was). Looking into the camera lense, this eager to please well-mannered Italian lover talked in a husky voice to his female viewers and offered them cigarettes, cocktails, or a comfortable chair. And when it was over the Continental hopefully left them wanting for more. This series inspired 1950s comedian, Ernie Kovac to do a parody called "The County-Nental" about a country-bumpkin gigolo who wore overalls, and poured moonshine from a jug. Whereas Renzo Cesana would say, "Don't be afraid, darling, you're in a man's apartment," The County-Nental would look into the camera lens and with whisky-soaked breath say "Don't be feared, this is only a man's silo." Both comedian Billy Crystal and later actor Christopher Walken revived this romantic character on a skits written for NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in the 1980s & 1990s.

Control - Code name of supervisor (Robert Lansing) who worked for a US espionage division located in New York City (supposedly the CIA) on the spy drama THE EQUALIZER/CBS/1985-89. Control was the former boss of the Robert McCall (Edward Woodward) known as the "Equalizer" a disillusioned spy who resigned from the "Agency" to help people in crisis. CONTROL was also the acronym for the spy organization on the spy spoof GET SMART/NBC/CBS/1965-70. On the sci-fi series HARD TIME ON PLANET EARTH/CBS/1989, Control was a robotic parole officer from another galaxy responsible for monitoring the activities of an intergalactic warrior sentenced to exile on Earth.

Corky - Family nickname of actor Corin Nemec who starred as charming but devious high school student on the sitcom PARKER LEWIS CAN'T LOSE/FOX/1990-93. During an interview on LIVE WITH REGIS AND KATHY LEE (1/6/90), Corin told Kathy Lee that his grandmother used to call him "Corky" because as a child he whined so much (always hungry), that she wanted to put a cork in his mouth. Corky was also the family nickname of Charles "Corky" Thatcher, a mentally handicapped teenager with Downs Syndrome on the family drama LIFE GOES ON/ABC/1989-93; and the first name of TV journalist Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford) on the sitcom MURPHY BROWN/CBS/1988-98.

Count of Monte Cristo, The - The pseudonym of Edmond Dantes, an innocent Frenchman unjustly sent to prison by scheming politicians in the days of Napoleon. Years later he escaped from his captors and with a fortune in gold and jewels found in a cave on the Isle of Monte Cristo, he traveled the road of revenge back to the place of his betrayal. and the woman he loved. George Dolenz starred in THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO/SYN/1955-56, the syndicated television series based on the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" (1845) by Alexander Dumas. In the 1970s, the Hallmark Company sponsored a TV-movie remake of this classic tale starring Richard Chamberlain.

Coward Of Bitter Creek, The - Pejorative nickname given to Cavalry Captain Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) on the western adventure BRANDED/NBC/1965-66. As the series theme song intoned "What do you do when your branded (a coward) and you know you're a man." Jason McCord was the lone survivor (knocked unconscious) of an Indian battle of Bitter Creek. Falsely accused of cowardice, he was dishonorably discharged from the Army and forced to wear the brand of a coward throughout the Wyoming frontier where his moniker "The Coward of Bitter Creek" was known by everybody.

Crazy Eddie - Commercial alter ego of stereo electronics king, Eddie Antar who sold stereos, televisions and the like for the "Crazy Eddie's" electronics stores where prices were "Insaaaaaane!" Antar opened his first store on Kings Highway in Brooklyn when he was 21 years of age. His stores were a success because of their cheap prices, low overhead and aggressive marketing which guaranteed that they would not be undersold, (giving customers 30 days to demand a rebate if they found the same merchandise offered at a lower price). When it came time to advertise the Crazy Eddie's stores, Eddie Antar, a small, shy, reclusive businessman instead chose to hire pitchman Jerry Carroll as his on-air persona. Jerry Carroll began live readings of the Crazy Eddie ads in New York on WPIX-FM in the mid 1970s and soon, his maniacal, wild-eyed pitchman style was highly imitated. His characterization was parodied on a HBO comedy skit on NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS as "Crazy Ollie," an Oliver North look-alike. See also - "Mad Man Muntz" 

Crazy Guggenheim - Zany character who appeared weekly on the comedy variety program JACKIE GLEASON AND HIS AMERICAN SCENE MAGAZINE/CBS/1962-66. A regular segment of this program featured the "Joe the Bartender" sketch in which singer Frank Fontaine played a local pub drunk called "Crazy Guggenheim." Plagued with a loud, irritating laugh, Crazy would come from the back of the bar (usually at the request of Joe) to sing a song or to share stories with Mr. Dunahee (an unseen local). Crazy's only redeeming grace was his beautiful voice. Crazy sang tunes from the tavern jukebox. The Crazy Guggenheim character was based on a real-life friend of Jackie Gleason called "Puke." Frank Fontaine had previously hosted the New York variety series FRANKIE FONTAINE/SYN/1955.

Crazy Gun Barney - Barney Fife (Don Knotts) is the bumbling deputy sheriff who lives in the rural town of Mayberry, North Carolina on the sitcom THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW/CBS/1960-68. Because the town sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) wouldn't trust Barney with a loaded gun, for fear of accidentally shooting himself or an innocent bystander, Barney never carried a loaded gun, but rather kept one bullet in his left shirt breast pocket. The only time he used his gun was to start the potato sack races for the annual Mason's picnic. Barney was jokingly called Barney the Beast, Barney the Fierce, Crazy Gun Barney and Fearless Fife by his fellow townsfolk's. On episode No. 9 "Andy, the Matchmaker" someone in town wrote the following limerick on the side of the Mayberry bank: "There once was a deputy called Fife, Who carried a gun and a knife. The gun was all dusty, And his knife was all rusty, Because he never caught a crook in his life." See also - "The Sheriff Without A Gun"

Cricket - The nickname of Chryseis "Cricket" Blake, (Connie Stevens) the young, sexy singer/photographer who worked at the Hawaiian Village Hotel on the detective drama HAWAIIAN EYE/ABC/1959-63. Cricket was a friend of the handsome young detectives, Tom Lopaka (Robert Conrad) and Tracey Steele (Anthony Eisley) and of Phil Barton (Troy Donohue), the hotel's director of special events. Reportedly, the name "Cricket" was inspired by a beachcomber artist's daughter named Cricket that Warner Brothers story editor Jack Emmanuel met in Hawaii. On the sitcom NIGHT COURT/NBC/1984-92 attorney Christine Sullivan (Markie Post) was called Cricket by an elderly suitor who thought she chirped like a cricket when she laughed.

Crimson Crusader  See - "Captain Justice"

Critters - What Elly May Clampett (Donna Douglas) called her many animals that lived on the grounds of her Beverly Hills mansion on the sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES/CBS/1962-71. Her critters included Fairchild (and Johnny) the Bear, Cecil the Beetle (who helped predict the weather); Bobbie the Bobcat, Daisy the Buzzard, Rusty the swimming Cat, Matilda the Cat, Henrietta the Chicken, Bessie (and Skipper) the Chimpanzee, Freddy the Crow, Maggie the Deer, Gertrude the Duck, Duke the Hound Dog, Frieda the Eagle, Clem (and Thelma) the Goat, Sidney the Kangaroo, Tommy the Kitten, Jasper the Jaquar, Jethro (and Herman) the Mountain Lion, Nelson the Mule, Miriam the Ostrich, Henry the Owl, Florebell the Pigeon, Wendell (and Mickey) the Possum, Clyde the Raccoon, Whiskers the Seal, Smelly the Skunk, Mickey the Squirrel, Leticia, a Bassett Hound; and Herman the Turkey. Granny Clampett (Irene Ryan) called Elly's critters "Varmits" and Elly's hippopotamus pet "the biggest hog I've ever seen." Elly May's father, Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) once said "You've got so many critters, looks like the waiting room for the Ark."

Crocodile Hunter - Risk-taking Australian wildlife expert seen on the syndicated nature series CROCODILE HUNTER (1996), THE TEN DEADLIEST SNAKES IN THE WORLD (1998) and CROC FILES a.k.a. "The Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files" (1999). Born February 22nd, 1962 in Victoria's Dandenong Ranges, Queensland, Australia, Steve Irwin spends his life rescuing and relocating endangered animals. He loves to jump on top of them and wrestle them into submission with the aide of ropes and a good grip. Steve got his inspiration for working with animals as a child at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast (once owned by his parents Lyn Irwin, a nurse and wildlife rehabilitator and Bob Irwin, a plumber turned herpetologist). Steve later expanded his parent's property and renamed it The Australia Zoo which has become a thriving international tourist attraction and "the home of the Crocodile Hunter." A herpetologist by trade, Steve likes to wear khaki shorts and boots. When he comes upon snakes or crocodiles, Steve stands frozen into his famous "action crouch" and shouts the catchphrase "Crikey!" Steve Irwin died suddenly at the age of 44 on September 4, 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray's barb while filming a documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. He was snorkeling over the stingray when it attacked. See also - REPTILES: " The Crocodile Hunter"

Crown Princes of Radio - The nickname of David and Ricky Nelson the sons of Ozzie and Hariet Nelson. Radio Life Magazine bestowed this regal title within six months of the boys joining "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" in February 1949. The program moved to television and became one of TV's longest running situation comedies. Ricky Nelson died in a plane crash on New Year's Eve 1985. His older brother, David Nelson died of cancer on January 11, 2011. See also "America's Favorite Couple"

Crying Man - The stage name of Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks), a washed-up soul singer (for The Spinning Tops) who got caught in a parallel universe time warp with three other people on the sci-fi series SLIDERS/FOX/SCI/1995-2000.

Crystal Love  See - BOOKS

Cuddle Buns  See - ""Bunny"

Cupcake - The pet name of Stephanie Vanderkellen (Julia Duffy), a spoiled little rich girl who worked as a maid (to prove her independence to her parents) at a rural Vermont inn on the sitcom NEWHART/CBS/1982-90. Her boyfriend Michael Harris (Peter Scolari), a local TV producer often called her "Cupcake" in between showering her with gifts that he couldn't afford. Once Stephanie used her secret weapon (her adorable pouting lips) to intimidate a local business man (a baker) out of his personalized license plate which read "Cupcake." On occasion she was also called "Muffin" or "Gumdrop." Michael's infatuation for Stephanie led him to create an apartment shrine filled with her photographs. He called it "Cupcake Corner." He even had a special holiday called "Cupcake Day" which fell between Valentine's Day and Easter and afforded him the opportunity to give Stephanie even more gifts.

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