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Ice Pick - Underworld moniker of Hawaiian mobster on the private eye adventure MAGNUM, p.i./CBS/1980-88. Ice Pick is an ageing underworld contact for Rick Wright (Larry Manetti), the manager of the King Kamahamaha Club. First mentioned on "Last Page" (1982), the much-mentioned but occasionally-seen character would first be seen on-screen in the third season episode "Past Tense" (1982). The Ice Pick character was first played by Walter Chotzen, and later by Elisha Cook Jr. According to Rick, 'Ice Pick' got his nickname because "he used to sell house wares." But, his private eye friend, Thomas Magnum wasn't buying that story.

Ice-T - The showbiz nickname of hip-hop artist Tracy Marrow (a.k.a. "Ice-T") a popular black singer turned actor and also known as the father of the "gangsta" rap music. In 1993, when Ice-T debuted his song "Cop Killer" on the Warner Brothers album "Body Count," many interpreted the lyrics as a glorification of violence in the media. When Ice-T heard that the US President "dissed" his song he reportedly said "When the President mentions your name in anger, you KNOW the s--t has hit the fan!" In 2000, Ice-T was hired to play the role of sex-crimes investigator Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola on the police drama LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT/NBC/1999+. Ice-T chose his nickname in celebration of black pulp writer Iceberg Slim (pen name of Robert Maupin Beck III, 1918-1992), an ex-pimp turned author whose gritty novels (like Pimp: the Story of My Life, Airtight, Willie & Me, Death Wish, Long White Con, Mama Black Widow and Trick Baby) focused on life in the criminal underworld. In 1998, Ice-T wrote an introduction to Iceberg Slim's book Doom Fox (written in 1978 and unpublished until 1998) and advised its readers:

  • The life he describes is real. Attempting to believe otherwise is a denial of street reality.
  • Iceberg Slim was an actual pimp who turned into one of the greatest black writers in American history.
  • The dialog will sound like another language from another planet-in the same way the words of the Bible or Shakespeare may be hard to decode. So to all you squares: Welcome to the Game. To all you players: Kick back, pour some Crystal, and enjoy Doom Fox. Iceberg-rest in peace.

Idol of American Youth, The See - MUSIC - VOCAL GROUPS: "Riders in the Sky"

Impossible Missions Forces - Secret group of elite agents (a.k.a. "the IMF") allegedly working for the United States Government who carried out covert operations both foreign and domestic, protecting the Free World against subversive groups on the spy drama MISSION IMPOSSIBLE/CBS/1966-73/ABC/1988-90. The team was first headed by Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) and later by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) who were responsible for coordinating and choosing agents for the Impossible Missions. See also - SPY GUYS and  BEGINNING & ENDING NARRATIONS: "Mission Impossible"

Imzadi - Powerful Betazoid term that describes the enduring bond of love and friendship shared by former lovers and friends Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) on the sci-fi adventure STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/SYN/1987-94. Deanna and Will were reunited on the premier episode "Far Point Station." The novel "Imzadi" (1992) written by Peter David explored Troi's and Riker's relationship. On page 217 Deanna enlightens Will by telling him "the concept of Imzadi goes beyond the physical. You've had other women physically. I know that. And even though I haven't had other men before you, that's almost incidental. To be Imzadi is to go far deeper than that. Don't you understand, Will? Other women may have had your body," she smiled "but I'm the first who's ever touched your soul."

In Vitro - Term given to second class citizens of futuristic Earth (those born without parents). Both space marine Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes (Rodney Rowland) and Colonel McQueen (James Morrison) were called "In Vitro" by fellow troopers on the sci-fi series SPACE: ABOVE & BEYOND/FOX/1995-96.

Incredible Hulk, The  See - "The Hulk"

Inquisitor, The - The unofficial title given broadcast journalist, Mike Wallace for his in-depth, close-up interviews which probed his guest's weaknesses. Mike Wallace earned his "put them on the spot" reputation on show's like NIGHTBEAT on the Dumont network in the 1950s and still continues his verbal stabs on the weekly news magazine 60 MINUTES/CBS/1968+.

Invisible Man, The - Science fiction hero seen (or should I say not seen) on the sci-fi drama THE INVISIBLE MAN/CBS/1958-60. Based on the novel "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells, this sci-fi drama starred English scientist Doctor Peter Brady whose experiments with light refraction had rendered himself invisible. Putting his new found ability to good use he began working with British Intelligence as a highly effective espionage agent, thwarting the sinister organizations that threatened the European continent. The actor playing Doctor Brady was never seen on the series, always being concealed in bandages. Producer Ralph Smart never released the name of the actor who played the invisible man, probably in hopes of adding a little mystery/authenticity to the series. Later sources reveal Johnny Scripps played the man beneath the bandages and Tim Turner provided his voice laid in during post-production dubbing sessions. An updated version of THE INVISIBLE MAN/NBC/1975-76 starred David McCallum as Dr. Daniel Westin, a US Government research scientist who tried to keep his experiments of invisibility out of the hands of the US Military. While he attempted to find an antidote for his invisibility he worked for KLAE Corporation disguised in sophisticated rubber disguises (a la MISSION IMPOSSIBLE). When he wanted to disappear he just removed his synthetic rubber skin and Poof!, he was not to be seen. Another reincarnation appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel as THE INVISIBLE MAN/SCI/2000-02 starring Vincent Ventresca as Darien Fawkes, a thief and con man sentenced to life in prison. Fortunately, his scientist brother Kevin is working on an invisibility project and gets his brother out of jail, if he volunteers as a guinea pig for an invisibility project. Darien agrees and consequently an artificial gland is inserted into his brain. The gland releases a quicksilver solution that causes light to pass through him. The experiment does have it problems, however. After Darien turns invisible his brain gets in touch with its primal nature and begins to turn Darien insane. Quickly, the scientist concoct an antidote to keep Darien in check and then use him for a variety of secret government assignments. Darien reports to Charles Borden a.k.a. The Official (played by Eddie Jones). TRIVIA NOTE: Jack Griffin was the name of the invisible man in the original Wells novel. Movie actors to portray this unseen hero/menace included Claude Rains, Vincent Price, Jon Hall, and Arthur Franz as well as Kevin Beacon as scientist Sebastian Crane in the motion picture Hollow Man (2000).

Iowa - Nickname of Joe Dantley (Sean O'Bryan) a farm boy from Iowa on the sitcom PIG STY/UPN/1995 who shared a Manhattan apartment with four other guys in between working as an inner city emergency room resident physician.

Ironjaw  See - The Human Termite" 

Irrepressible Ricky, The - Eric "Ricky" Nelson who played himself on the situation comeedy THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE & HARRIET/ABC/1952-66 was referred to as "irrepressible" by the announcer during the opening credits of the show. This title was used to describe his younger days when his character was filled with wisecracks and funny one liners like "I don't mess around, boy!"


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