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Jessica Simpson Bordais  See - BOOKS:"The Heart Held Hostage"

Jetman - Superhero character on the sitcom HE & SHE/CBS/1967-70. Jetman is the comic-strip creation of successful cartoonist Dick Hollister (Richard Benjamin) that was turned into a TV program of the same name. An arrogant, egotistical actor named Oscar North (Jack Cassidy) was chosen to play Jetman in this show-within-a-show. However, Oscar's attempts at molding the character more to his own liking was a constant headache to Dick Hollister who supervised/wrote the weekly scripts.

Jigsaw John - Because of the methodical way he pieced clues together at the scene of a crime, special investigator, John St. John (Jack Warden) earned the nickname "Jigsaw John" on the police drama JIGSAW JOHN/NBC/1976.

Jilly Dilly - The childhood nickname of Jill Taylor (Patricia Richardson), the wife of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Tim Allen) on the sitcom HOME IMPROVEMENT/ABC/1991-99. Jill's mother used to call her Jilly Dilly, but the grown up Jill hates to here that name and urges her husband to promise "not" to tell any one else about it.

Joan Holliday - Nom de Plume of author Joan Nash (Patricia Crowley), freelance magazine writer and mother of four boys on the sitcom PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DAISIES/NBC/1965-67.

Joey Pants - The childhood nickname of actor Joe Pantoliano. Born on September 12, 1951, Joey spent an impoverished childhood in Hoboken, New Jersey where he picked up his "Joey Pants" moniker. Joey now smokes fine cigars and enjoys the notoriety he's gained after roles in 60 movies and guest shots on the WB's ROSWELL as Kal Langley and on HBO's THE SOPRANOS as mafia mobster Ralphy Cifaretto.

John-Boy - The family nickname of John Walton, Jr., the eldest son of eight children living in rural Virginia on the family drama THE WALTONS/CBS/1972-81. When John-Boy's love interest first heard about his nickname during the "Walton's Thanksgiving Reunion" (11/23/93), he quickly reminded her "It's a nickname...only members of my immediate family are allowed to get away with it!" John-Boy's brother, James Robert Walton (David W. Harper) was called Jim-Bob.

Johnny Pizza - Real-life nickname of actor John Santucci who played Pauli Taglia, the dimwitted but brutal mobster on the crime drama CRIME STORY/NBC/1986-88. Born in Chicago, Santucci got involved in criminal activities at a young age. His street names were Johnny Pizza and Babe. He was eventually caught by the FBI for jewelry theft and sentenced to prison at La Tuna Federal Correctional Institution in Texas. Luckily, his 45-year sentence was reduced to three years (due to a technicality) and Santucci, now a changed man, went straight. Chuck Adamson, a former Chicago cop turned writer (he had arrested Santucci in the past) hired him as a technical consultant on a movie project and his later role on CRIME STORY. See also - "The Great Wounder"

Joker, The - The green-haired criminal with the penchant for laughter who was the arch enemy of the caped crime fighter Batman (Adam West) on the fantasy adventure BATMAN/ABC/1966-68. Cesar Romero was cast in the role of this chuckling crimester. The Joker (originally called The Red Hood) was a former employee of the Monarch Playing Card Company. Jack Nicholson reprised the role of the Joker in the blockbuster motion picture Batman (1989). In the film, the criminal responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne's parents is dropped into a vat of acid by Batman, only to emerge disfigured in the guise of the Joker who then started a crime spree in Gotham City. He was ultimately defeated by Batman and fell to his death from a church tower.

Josephine - Code name for a beautiful, blond assassin named Nikita (Peta Wilson) on the espionage adventure LA FEMME NIKITA/USA/1997-2001. As the opening narration of the program explained "I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules...I die." When Nikita's phone rang and the word "Josephine" was spoken, she reluctantly had to report for another dangerous assignment. See also - "BEGINNING & ENDING NARRATIONS:"La Femme Nikita"

Jungle Jack Hanna - The professional nickname of Jack Hanna, the Director of the Columbus Zoo in Columbus Ohio (Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo since 1993). Raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jack, a former pet shop/petting zoo operator and director of a small Florida Zoo, moved his wife, Suzi and their three daughters to Columbus in 1978 to become the Director of Columbus Zoo, which, at the time was rundown. Jack revitalized the zoo and now maintains his media presence (which often comes off as an absent-minded professor persona) as a regular guest on shows like GOOD MORNING AMERICA, LARRY KING LIVE, THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES and THE MAURY POVICH SHOW. During his visits, he shows off cute, exotic and sometimes dangerous animals. On an early appearance on David Letterman's show, a Beaver that Jack brought on the show bit into his thumb and nearly severed it from his hand. Years later, Jack mentioned that he still has no feeling in his thumb. Hanna is also the host of JACK HANNA'S ANIMAL ADVENTURES, as well, as the author of "Monkeys on the Interstate" (1989 - his autobiography), "Let's Go To The Petting Zoo with Jungle Jack" (1992) and "Jungle Jack Hanna's What Zoo-Keepers Do?" (1999).


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