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Oaths & Pledges - Science Fiction

"On my honor as Rocket Ranger..." -  The pledge of the Rocket Rangers, the Galactic police force on the 30-minute children's sci-fi adventure ROD BROWN OF THE ROCKET RANGERS/CBS/1953-54. Stationed at Omega Base in the 22nd century, the "Rocket Rangers" battled interplanetary evil.

Rod Brown, Wilbur Wormser, Commander Swift & Frank Royce

The members of the Rocket Rangers included:

  • John Boruff as Commander Swift
  • Cliff Robertson as Ranger Rod Brown, the pilot of the rocketship, Beta
  •  Jack Weston as Ranger Wilbur "Wormsey" Wormser, Rod's sidekick
  • Bruce Hall as Ranger Frank Boyce

Weekly, each member of the Rocket Rangers (and the TV viewers) recited a loyalty oath to the United States Constitution:

On my honor as a Rocket Ranger I pledge that: 

 1. I shall always chart my course according to the Constitution of the United States of America.
2. I shall never cross orbits with the Rights and Beliefs of others.
3. I shall blast at full space-speed to protect the Weak and Innocent.
4. I shall stay out of collision orbit with the laws of my State and Community.
 5.  I shall cruise in parallel orbit with my Parents and Teachers.
6. I shall not roar my rockets unwisely, and shall be Courteous at all times.
7. I shall keep my gyros steady and reactors burning by being Industrious and Thrifty.
8. I shall keep my scanner tuned to Learning and remain coupled to my Studies.
9.  I shall keep my mind out of free-fall by being mentally alert.
10.  I shall blast the meteors from the paths of other people by being Kind  and Considerate.

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