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Oaths & Pledges - Western

Texas Ranger Oath - When asked how many Texas Rangers should be sent to quell a problem the traditional rule and motto of the service was "One Riot, One Ranger." This was not done out of a sense of frugality, but rather the statement proclaimed that the Texas Ranger was so good and in control that it only took one duly authorized Ranger to get the job done.
Robert Culp as Ranger Hoby Gilman - TRACKDOWN  Willard Parker as Ranger Jack Peason and Harry Lauter as Ranger Clay Morgan - TALES OF THE TEXAS RAnGERS
Neville Brand as Ranger Reese Bennett, Peter Brown as Ranger Chad Cooper, William Smith as Ranger Joe Riley, Robert Wolders as Ranger Erik Hunter and Philip Carey as Captain Edward Parmalee - The Cast of LAREDO
Tom Tryon as Ranger John Slaughter - DISNEYLAND TEXAS JOHN SLAUGHTER Chuck Norris as WALKER, TEXAS RANGER

Some Classic TV Texas Rangers

During the 1950s a number of TV programs featured Texas Ranger characters, including:

  • TALES OF THE TEXAS RANGER/CBS/ABC/1955-59 starring Willard Parker and Harry Lauter
  • TEXAS JOHN SLAUGHTER/ABC/1958-61 starring Tom Tyron
  • TRACKDOWN/CBS/ 1957-59 starring Robert Culp
  • LAREDO/NBC/1965-67 starring Neville Brand, Peter Brown, William Smith, and Philip Carey
  • WALKER, TEXAS RANGER/CBS/1993-2001 starring Chuck Norris.

The following is a code developed for those TV viewers, especially the kids watching, on how to be a better person.

The Texas Rangers "Deputy Ranger" Oath follows:

1. Be Alert.
2. Be Obedient.
3. Defend the Weak.
4. Never Desert a Friend.
5. Never Take Unfair Advantage.
6. Be Neat.
7. Be Truthful.
8. Uphold Justice.
9. Live Cleanly.
10. Have Faith in God

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