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Oaths & Pledges - Western

Wild Bill Hickok Code of Conduct - Wild Bill Hickok's Code of Conduct - In the 1950s Guy Madison starred in the western series ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK/ABC/SYN/1951-58 as frontier US Marshal James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok. He maintained law and order in the Old West of the 1980s with his plump raspy-voiced sidekick, Deputy Marshall Jingles (Andy Devine).

Guy Madison and Andy Devine - ADVENTURES OF WILD BILL HICKOK

The Wild Bill Hickok "Deputy Marshal's Code of Conduct" follows:

1. I will be brave, but never careless.
2. I will obey my parents. They DO know best.
3. I will be neat and clean at all times.
4. I will be polite and courteous.
5. I will protect the weak and help them.
6. I will study hard.
7. I will be kind to animals and care for them.
8. I will respect my flag and my country.
9. I will attend my place of worship regularly.

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