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Program Description
The Fear/EUS/1988

Ruthless North London Gangster & His Designer-Clad Goons

Flesh 'n' Blood/NBC/1991

Southern Con Artist Poses As Attorney's Brother

Freddie's Nightmare/SYN/1988-90

Serial Killer Freddie Krueger Hosts Scary Stories

The Fugitive/ABC/1963-67

Doctor Falsely Accused Of Murder

Gabriel's Fire/ABC/1990-91

Cop Falsely Accused Of Killing Partner
Gangsters/BBC/1976 & 1978

Multiracial British Underworld Network Of Street Gangs

The Gangster Chronicles/NBC/1981

1920s Mobsters

Garrison's Gorillas/ABC/1967-68

Convicts Turned Soldiers

George & Leo/CBS/1997-98


The George Carlin Show/FOX/1994-95

Fast-Talking Bookie

Going Straight/BBC/1978

Struggles Of A Convict Released From Prison

The Gold Robbers/LWT/1969

British Criminals Steal Multimillion Lot Of Gold Bullion

Goode Behavior/UPN/1996-97

Paroled Ex-Con Moves-In with Grown Son

The Governor/YTV/1996

Warden & Inmates Of Barfield Maximum Security Prison

Green Hornet/ABC/1966-67

Underworld Crimefighter/Criminal

The Guns of Will Sonnett/ABC/1967-69

Wanted Gunfighter

Heist/NBC/2006 Crime Team Rob Banks and Jewelry Stores
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/SYN/1994-99

Hellenistic Huckster/Con-Man

Highlander: The Raven/SYN/1998-2000

1200-Year-Old Immortal Female Thief/Adventurer


Son Of Mobster Turns Police Detective

Hustle/AMC/2006 Group of London-based Con Artists
The Informer/SYN/1965

Disbarred Barrister With Underworld Connections

It Takes A Thief/ABC/1968-70

Cat Burglar/Spy

Jack The Ripper/BBC/1973

Notorious Serial Murderer

The Jim Backus Show (Hot Off The Wire)/SYN/1960-61

Thief Extraordinaire

Johnny Bago/CBS/1993

Prison Parolee Set Up For Murder Of Crime Boss

Just Cause/PAX/2001-2003 Ex-con With Law Degree Hired at Firm of Hamilton Whitney III
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90

Strange Ex-Con School Custodian


Wanted Nazi War Criminal

Kung Fu/ABC/1972-75

Wanted Chinese Shaolin Monk

Lady Killers/GRA/1980-81

Famous Murder Cases Involving Women

Lee Marvin's Presents Lawbreakers/SYN/1963-64

Crime Reenactments

The Legend Of Jesse James/ABC/1965-66

Wanted Frontier Outlaw

Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years/SYN/1994-6.

Frontier Outlaws

Maid Marian And Her Merry Men/BBC/1989-94

Sherwood Forest Outlaws

The Magnificent Seven/CBS/1998-99.

Band of Gunfighters-For-Hire

Magnum, P.I./CBS/1980-88

Underworld Boss Known As "Ice Pick"

Man Of The People/NBC/1991

Bookmaker & Gambler Turned City Councilman


Prison Staff/Inmates

Married with...Children/FOX/1987-97

Unemployed Ex-Convict On Parole


Hit Man Dies Then Returns To Earth To Help Others

Me & Mrs. C/NBC/1986-87

Young Black Girl With Prison Record Lives With Widow

Minder/THA/1979-85 & 1988-1993

British Ex-Boxer & Former Prison Inmate

Muddling Through/CBS/1994

Woman Jailed For Shooting Her Husband Returns Home

Murder Most Horrid/BBC/1991-96

Woman Involved In Murder & Intrigue


Recently Paroled White Collar Criminal

Ned Blessing: The Story Of My Life & Times/CBS/1993

Old Outlaw In Jail Recalls Life

The Nesbitts Are Coming/YTV/1980

Roving Family Band Of English Villains

The New Adventures of Robin Hood/TNT/SYN/1997-99

Sherwood Forest Outlaw

The New Phil Silvers Show/CBS/1963-64

Hustling Scam-Artist Factory Supervisor

Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95

Ex-Con Turned Deejay


White-collar Criminal (Financier) Does Community Service

On The Rocks/ABC/1975-76

Minimum Security Prison Inmates

Once A Hero/ABC/1987

Cartoon Fantasy Villain A la Max Mayhem

Our Family Honor/ABC/1985-86

Syndicate Mobsters


British Bank Robber Released From Prison Seeks Betrayer & Revenge


Frontier Outlaws Sent To 1980s


Maximum Security Penitentiary Prisoners & Staff

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