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Drifters See also - "Gamblers"

(Beachcombers, frontiersman, the homeless, nomads etc.)
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Program Description
The Lady Is A Tramp/C4/1983-84 Stories Of Two Homeless Bag Ladies
Land Of the Lost/NBC/CBS/1974-87 Forest Ranger & Family Lost In Prehistory
Land Of the Lost/ABC/1991-93. Architect & Family Lost In Prehistory
The Last Of The Mohicans/BBC/1972 Frontier Scout
Lazarus Man/UPN/1996 Wandering Amnesia Victim
The Life & Times Of Grizzly Adams/NBC/1977-78 Mountain Man
Life with Roger/WB/1996-97 Carefree Homeless Guy
The Littlest Hobo/SYN/1963-64/1980-81 Wandering German Shepherd
The Lone Ranger/ABC/1949-57 Frontier Crimefighter
The Loner/CBS/1965-66 Wandering Civil War Veteran
The Long Hot Summer/ABC/1965-66 Drifter Returns Home
Lost In Space/CBS/1965-68 Crew of Spacecraft Lost In Space
The Lost Saucer/ABC/1975-76 Crew of Spacecraft Lost In Time
Lucan/ABC/1977-78 Boy In Search of Parents
A Man Called Shenandoah/ABC/1965-66 .Wandering Amnesia Victim
The Master/NBC/1984 Former Ninja Searches for Daughter
Maverick/NBC/1957-62 Frontier Gamblers
Maya/NBC/1967-68 Boy Searches For Father Lost In India
Mission Genesis/SCI/1997-98 Teenagers Awaken Onboard Vessel Adrift in Space
Nowhere Man/UPN/1995-96 Photojournalist's Searches For His Identity
The Oregon Trail/NBC/1977 Wagon Train Travels West
Otherworld/CBS/1985 Family Adrift In Strange Parallel Universe
Paper Moon/ABC/1974-75 Traveling Bible Salesman
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 Homeless Vietnam Vet (a.k.a. "Frank, The Potato Man")
Pistols 'n' Petticoats/CBS/1966-67 Frontier Town Drunk
Promised Land/CBS/1996-99 Laid-Off Factory Worker Cruises America With Family
The Rebel/ABC/NBC/1959-62 Wandering Confederate Soldier
The Red Skelton Show/NBC/CBS/1951-71 Hobo Named Freddie The Freeloader
The Restless Gun/NBC/1957-59 Frontier Gunfighter
The Rough Riders/ABC/1958-59 Wandering Civil War Veterans
Route 66/CBS/1960-64/NBC/1993 Two Men Travel Across America in Corvette
The Rousters/NBC/1983-84 Cactus Jack's Sladetown Traveling Carnival
Run, Buddy Run/CBS/1966-67 Pursued By The Mob
Run For Your Life/NBC/1965-68 Dying Lawyer Sees The World
Run, Joe Run/NBC/1974-76 German Shepherd On The Run
The Runaways/NBC/1978-79 Runaway Children
San Pedro Beach Bums/ABC/1977 Beachcombers
Shane/ABC/1966 Wandering Gunfighter
Sliders/FOX/1995-97/SCI/1998-2000 Four People Travel (Slide) Through Dimensions
Starman/ABC/1986-87 Space Alien Searches For Earth Woman
Stoney Burke/ABC/1962-63 Rodeo Circuit Rider
The Stranger/DUM/1954-55 Mysterious Good Samaritan
The Survivors/BBC/1975-77 Survivors Of Global Epidemic
Tales From The Lazy Acre/BBC/1972 Tramp ("The Dead Man") Narrates Anthology
Tate/NBC/1960 Wandering Civil War Veteran/Gunfighter
The Texan/CBS/1958-60 Gunfighter/Troubleshooter
The Texas Wheelers/ABC/1974-75 Drifter Father Returns Home
Then Came Bronson/NBC/1969-70 Man Wanders America On Motorcycle
They Came from Outer Space/SYN/1990-91 Two Aliens Cruise USA In '57 Corvette
The Third Man/BBC/NTA/1959-60 Mysterious Troubleshooter
Three For The Road/CBS/1975 Photographer and Sons Travel Across America
Tomahawk/SYN/1957 Frontier Scouts
The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters/ABC/1963-64 Wagon Train Travels West
The Troubleshooters/NBC/1959-60 Globetrotting Freelance Engineer
The Trouble With Larry/CBS/1993 Adventurer Kidnapped By Baboons Reappears
The Virginian/NBC/1962-71 Frontier Drifter Turned Ranchhand
The Westerner/NBC/1960 Frontier Drifter & His Dog
The Wide Country/NBC/1962-63 Rodeo Circuit Rider
Wish You Were Here/CBS/1990 Stockbroker Travels Through Europe
Wrangler/NBC/1960 Gunfighter/Ranch Hand
Xena: Warrior Princess/SYN/1995-2001 Wandering Warrior Princess & Sidekick
Young Dan'l Boone/CBS/1977 Frontiersman
Young Maverick/CBS/1979-80 Frontier Gambler
The Young Riders/ABC/1989-92 Pony Express Riders
Woops!/FOX/1992 Homeless Man Survives Nuclear Holocaust

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