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Program Description
The Facts Of Life/NBC/1979-88 Staff & Students at Eastland  Academy for Girls
The Faculty/ABC/1996 Hamilton Middle School Principal and Faculty
Fair Exchange/CBS/1962-63 Foreign Exchange Students
Fame/NBC/SYN/1982-87 Performing Arts High School Teachers & Students
Fame L.A./SYN/1997 Performing Arts High School Teachers & Students
Fast Times/CBS/1986 Students & Faculty of Ridgemont High School
Felicity/WB/1998-2002 Small-Town Girl Attends A New York City College
Ferris Bueller/NBC/1990 Ocean Park High School Scam Artist & Principal
Fifteen/NIK/1991-93 Hillside High School Students
For Your Love/NBC/WB/1998 Teacher
Fortune's Of War/BBC/1987 University Professor
Frank's Place/CBS/1987-88 Former Professor of Italian Renaissance History
Funny Face/CBS/1971 Student College Teacher
GBH/C4/1991 British Schoolteacher
George/ABC/1993-94 Middle School Guidance Counselor
Galaxy High School/CBS/1986-88 Interplanetary High School Students
The Gay Coed/DUM/1947 College Coeds
Get Lost!/YTV/1981 Two Teachers Embroiled In Missing-Person Mysteries
Gideon Oliver (ABC Mystery Movie)/ABC/1989 Black Professor of Anthropology
Gidget/ABC/1965-66 College English Professor
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-57 High School Science Teacher On Desert Island
The Good Life/NBC/1994 Grade-School Tutor
Good Morning Miss Bliss/DIS/1988-89 JFK Junior High School History Teacher
Goodbye Mr. Chips/BBC/1984 English Schoolmaster at Brookfield School
Goode Behavior/UPN/1996-97 Dean of Humanities at Henshaw State University
Grange Hill/BBC/1978 British Comprehensive School Faculty & Students
Gravedale High/NBC/1990-91 High School Teacher & His Monster Students
Great Scott!/FOX/1992 Day-Dreaming High School Student
Growing Pains/ABC/1985-92 Dewey High School Students
Halls Of Ivy/CBS/1954-55 Ivy College President & Faculty
Hangin' With Mr. Cooper/ABC/1992-97 Substitute Teacher/Coach & Music Teacher
Hanging In/CBS/1979 College President At Braddock University
Hank/NBC/1965-66 Aspiring College Student
Harry & The Henderson/SYN/1990-92 Student Council Exchange Worker
Head Of The Class/ABC/1986-91 Faculty & Honor Students At Monroe High School
The Headmaster/CBS/1970-71 Prep School Headmaster
The Hogan Family/NBC/CBS/1986-91 Colfax High School Counselor/Principal
Home Improvement/ABC/1991-99 Psychology Student
Homeroom/ABC/1989 4th Grade Inner-City (P.S. 391) Elementary School Teacher
Hometown/CBS/1985 College Professors
Hull High/NBC/1990 Cordell High School English/History Teachers & Students
I'll Fly Away/NBC/1991-93 Maniacal High School Wrestling Coach
In The Heat Of The Night/NBC/CBS/1988-94 Sparta Community High School  Teacher
Isis (The Secrets Of Isis)/CBS/1975-78 Larkspur High School Science Teacher
It's A Man's World/NBC/1962-63 Cordella College Students
It's Your Move/NBC/1984-85 Van Buren High School English Teacher
The Jimmy Stewart Show/NBC/1971-72 College Anthropology Professor
The John Forsythe Show/NBC/1965-66 Foster School for Girls Administrator
Jupiter Moon/C4/1990 & 96 Orbiting Space University On Board Spaceship Ilea
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90 High School Coach For St. Augustine's Academy
King of the Hill/FOX/1997+ Substitute Teacher at Tom Landry Middle School
King's Crossing/ABC/1982 Teacher & Playwright
Knot's Landing/CBS/1979-93 High School English Teacher
The Last Resort/CBS/1979-80 College Students  
Leap Years/SHO/2001-2002 School Teacher Turns Best Selling Author
Learning the Ropes/SYN/1988-89 Ridgedale Valley Prep History Teacher/Vice-Principal
The Life & Times of Eddie Roberts/SYN/1980 College Anthropology Professor
Little House On The Prairie/NBC/1974-82 Prairie School House Teacher
Little Men/PAX/1998-99 Plumfield School For Boys Teacher & Students  
Lizzie McGuire/DIS/2001-2003 Junior High School Student and Two Best Friends
Love & Curses/SYN/1991 University Professor Of Mythology
Loves Me, Loves Me Not/CBS/1977 Elementary School Teacher
Lucas Tanner/NBC/1974-75 High School English Teacher

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