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Espionage See also "Police & Law Enforcement" and "Soldiers of Fortune"

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Program Description
La Femme Nikita/USA/1997-2001 Reluctant Assassin for SECTION ONE
Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp/ABC/1970-71 Chimpanzee Agents of APE
MacGyver/ABC/1985-92 Phoenix Foundation Undercover Agent
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 *See section on SPY GUYS - "Spy Girl"
Major Del Conway Of The Flying Tigers/SYN/1953 WWII Military Intelligence
A Man Called Sloane/NBC/1979-80 UNIT Counterespionage Team
A Man Called X/SYN/1955-56 US Intelligence Agent
Man From Interpol/NBC/1960 Special INTERPOL Espionage Agent
The Man From U.N.C.L.E./NBC/1964-68 U.N.C.L.E. Agents
Man In A Suitcase/ITC/ABC/1967-68 Discredited US Spy Turned Private Eye
The Man In Room 17/GRA/1965-66 Espionage Agents Track Cases From Room 17
Man Trap/A-R/1956 Tales of Espionage from WWII
The Man Who Never Was/ABC/1966-67 US Intelligence Agent
Manhunt/LWT/1970 WWII French Resistance Fighters
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 Psychotic Military Intelligence Officer (CIA/CIC/CID)
Masquerade/ABC/1983-84 NIA Spy Agency
Matt Helm/ABC/1975-76 Former US Intelligence Agent Turned Private Eye
MI-5 (Spooks)/BBC/A&E/2002+ Anti-terrorism agents working for MI-5 (Section B), the British equivalent of the FBI.
Mission Impossible/CBS/1966-73 IM Force Undercover Agents
Mission Impossible/ABC/1988-90 IM Force Undercover Agents
Mr. and Mrs. Smith/CBS/1996 Globetrotting Industrial Spies
Mr. Palfrey Of Westminster/THA/1984-85 Spy Chief Known as "The Co-ordinator"
Monty Nash/SYN/1971-72 US Intelligence Agent
A Murder Of Quality/THA/1991 Retired British Spy Works For "The Circus"
The New Adventures of Beans Baxter/FOX/1987-88 Teenage Spy For "The Network"
The Net/USA/1998-99 Praetorians (Computer Terrorists)
The Omega Factor/BBC/1979 Psychic British Journalist Recruited By MI5
Orient Express/SYN/1953 Espionage Anthology
O.S.S./ITV/ABC/1957-58 WW II O.S.S. Allied Spies
Passport To Danger/SYN/1954-56 US Diplomatic Courier
A Perfect Spy/BBC/1988 British Double Agent & Czechoslovakian Counterpart
The Pretender/NBC/1996-2000 CENTRE Agents
The Prisoner/ATV/1967-68 British Intelligence Agent Sequestered At Strange Village
Private Schulz/BBC/1981 Convict Mistakenly Recruited Into SS Counter Espionage
The Professionals/LWT/1977-83 Criminal Intelligence 5 (CI5) Anti-Terrorist Group
Quiller/BBC/1975 Agent For The Bureau, A Clandestine Government Group
The Rat Catchers/SYN/1965 British Intelligence Agent
Reilly: Ace Of Spies/THA/1983 Exploits of Real-Life British Agent Sidney Reilly
The Round Table/NBC/1992 Secret Service Agent
Sable/ABC/1987-88 Spy Poses As Children's Author
The Sandbaggers/YTV/1978 & 1980 SIS British Espionage Agents Based In Germany
Scarecrow & Mrs. King/CBS/1983-87 "The Agency" Intelligence Agents
Search/NBC/1972-73 PROBE World Security Agents
Secret Agent/CBS/1965-66 British Intelligence Agent
Secret Army/BBC/1977-79 Lifeline Unit Rescue Captured Allied Bombers From Nazis
The Secret Files Of The Spy Dogs/FOX/1998 Humble Canines Save Humanity
Secret File, U.S.A./SYN/1954-55 US Army Intelligence Agent
Secret Mission/A-R/1956 True War Tales About Women Spies
Secret Service/NBC/1992-93 Re-enactments of Secret Service Cases
Seven Days/UPN/1998-2001 Ex-CIA Agent Travels In Time To Change Events
Shadow Of The Cloak/DUM/1951-52. International Security Intelligence Agency
Smiley's People/BBC/1982 Retired Spy Works For "The Circus"
Special Agent 7 (SA 7)/SYN/1958-59 US Department Of Treasury (IRS ) Agent
Spies/CBS/1987 Veteran Spy/Playboy Trains New Agent
Spies/A&E/1992 Real-Life Espionage Stories
Spooks(MI-5)/BBC/A&E/2002+ Anti-terrorism agents working for MI-5 (Section B), the British equivalent of the FBI.
Spy Game/ABC/1997 ECHO Secret Agents
Spycatcher/BBC/1959-61 Refugee Interrogator Sniffs Out Spies 
Spyder's Web/ATV/1972 British Espionage Agent (a.k.a. "The Spyder")
Starman/ABC/1986-87 Relentless Government Agent
Stingray/NBC/1986-87 Federal Undercover Agent
Tales Of The Gold Monkey/ABC/1982-83 American Spy Poses As Singer
Three/UPN/1998 Secret Government Agency Blackmails Three Criminals as Agents
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy/BBC/1979 Retired Spy Works For "The Circus"
Today's FBI/ABC/1981-82 FBI Agents
The Top Secret Life Of Edgar Briggs/ITV/1974 Bungling British Secret Service Agent
Top Secret, U.S.A./SYN/1955 Bureau of Science Information Agent
24/FOX/2001+ Elite Team of CIA Agents (Each episode is one hour in a 24 hour period as the agents battle terrorists)
Under Cover/ABC/1991 Husband & Wife Spy Team for the National Intelligence Agency
Undercover/ABC/1991 (N.I.A.) National Intelligence Agency Agents
Undermind/ABP/1965 The Sixth Column, Alien Subversives Out To Destroy Society
Virgin Of The Secret Service/ATV/1968 Royal Dragoon Captain As British Spy
Whiz Kids/CBS/1983-84 Intelligence Agent Investigates Teenage Computer Whiz
Wild C.A.T.S./CBS/1994-95 Stranded Aliens Recruited As Covert Action Team
The Wild Wild West/CBS/1965-70 Federal Frontier Undercover Agents (Secret Agent)
Wildside/ABC/1985 Secret Frontier Vigilantes Report To Governor
Wish Me Luck/LWT/1988-90 Two Female British Spies In Nazi-Occupied France
The Wizard/CBS/1986-87 Spy & Toy-Weapons Maker
The World Of Giants/SYN/1959-60 Miniaturized Secret Agent
The World Of Tim Frazier/BBC/1960-61 Structural Engineer Recruited As Spy
The XYY Man/GRA/1976-77 Cat Burglar Recruited By British Intelligence

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