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Journalism & Journalists See also - "Book Industry" & "Television Industry"

(Reporters, aspiring writers, proofreaders, publishers, editors, and copywriters)
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Program Description
Hamish Macbeth/BBC/1995-96 Reporter For The Lockdubh Listener
Hard Copy/CBS/1987 The Morning Post Newspaper Crime Reporters
Harper Valley/NBC/1981-82 Editor Of Harper Valley Sentinel/ Harper Valley Sun
Harry/BBC/1993 & 1995 Fleet Street Journalist Turns Tabloid Press Agency Writer
Harry And The Hendersons/SYN/1990-93 Publisher Of A Better Life Ecology Magazine
Hart To Hart/ABC/1979-84 Freelance Writer
Hawkins Falls, Population 6,200/NBC/1950 Newspaper Editors
Hearts Afire/CBS/1992-95 Senator's Press Secretary & Reporter for The Daily Beacon
The Heights/FOX/1992 Sensitive Poet/Songwriter
Here We Go Again/ABC/1973 Screen World Magazine Editor
Herman's Head/FOX/1991-94 Magazine Publishing Company Fact Checkers
High Society/CBS/1995-96 Book Publisher & Narcissistic Novelist
Hiller & Diller/ABC/1997-98 TV Comedy Writers
Hold The Back Page/BBC/1986 British Fleet Street Tabloid Newspaper Reporter
Hollywood Detective/A&E/1991 Aspiring Writer
Home Free/ABC/1993 Newspaper Cub Reporter
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 Sportswriter & Newspaper Columnist
Homeroom/ABC/1989 Advertising Jingle Writer Turns 4th Grade Teacher
Honestly, Celeste!/CBS/1954 The New York Express Newspaper Reporter
Hong Kong/ABC/1960-61 World Wide News Service Foreign Correspondent
Hot Metal/LWT/1986 & 1988 Staff Of London Newspaper The Daily Crucible
Hot Off the Wire (The Jim Backus Show)/SYN/1960-61 Headline Press Service
Hot Shots/CBS/1986-87 Crime World Magazine Investigative Reporters
How To Marry A Millionaire/SYN/1958-60 Manhattan Magazine Employee
Hudson Street/ABC/1995-96 Liberal Newspaper Reporter
I'm A Big Girl Now/ABC/1980-81 Research Writer
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 L.A. Chronicle Newspaper Reporter Helps Private Eye
I Cover Times Square/ABC/1951 Newspaper Columnist
I Remember Mama/CBS/1949-57 Aspiring Writer
Ichabod & Me/CBS/1961-62 Phippsboro Bulletin Newspaper Editor
Imagine That/NBC/2002 TV Comedy Sketch Writer
Ink/CBS/1996-97 Newspaper Editor & Writer
The Insiders/ABC/1985-86 Newspoint Magazine Investigative Reporters
It's Garry Shandling's Show/SHO/FOX/1986-90 TV Comedy Sketch Writers
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Writer From New York Who Hates Los Angeles
It's Your Move/NBC/1984-85 Insurance Salesman Turned Freelance Writer
Jack & Mike/ABC/1986-87 Chicago Mirror Syndicated Columnist
Jason King/ATV/1971-72 Author Of "Mark Caine" Novels
Jessica Novak/CBS/1981 TV Reporter
The Jim Backus Show (Hot Off The Wire)/SYN/1960-61 Headline Press Service Editor
Jefferson Drum/NBC/1958-59 Frontier Newspaper Editor
The Jeffersons/CBS/1975-85 Pelham Publishing Company Editor
The Joey Bishop Show/NBC/CBS/1962-65 TV Talk Show Comedy Writer
Jonathan Creek/BBC/1997-2004 Investigative Journalist
Just In Time/ABC/1988 West Coast "California's Weekly Magazine" Magazine Editor
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90 Aspiring Writer Works On School Newspaper
Just Shoot Me/NBC/1997-2003 Publisher & Staff of Blush Magazine
Kate/YTV/1970-72 British "Agony" Column Writer
Kate Loves A Mystery/NBC/1979 Writer For Weekly Advertiser - a "Throwaway" Rag
Key West/FOX/1993 Newspaper Reporter & Editor for The Meteor
King's Crossing/ABC/1982 Writer/Teacher
Kingston: Confidential/NBC/1977 Investigative Newspaper Editor & Reporters
Knots Landing/CBS/1979-93 Author of Capricorn Crude
Kolchak: The Night Stalker/ABC/1974-75 Independent  News Service (I.N.S.) Reporter
Lace (Lace II)/ABC/1984-85 Publisher of Lace Magazine
Ladies' Man/CBS/1980-81 Male Feature Writer on Staff at Women's Life Magazine
The Larry Sanders Show/HBO/1992-98 Talk Show Comedy Writer
Laurie Hill/ABC/1992 Freelance Journalist
Lawman/ABC/1958-62 Laramie Weekly (Laramie Free Press) Newspaper Editor 
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02 School Teacher Turns Best Selling Author
Life Goes On/ABC/1989-93 Underground Marshall, a High School "Forbidden" Tabloid
Little Women/BBC/1972 Aspiring Writer
Little Women/NBC/1978-79 Aspiring Writer
Live Shot/UPN/1995-96 TV News Commentator
Living Single/FOX/1993-97 Editor of Flavor, a Magazine for Black Women
Lois & Clark/ABC/1993-97 Newspaper Reporters & Editor for The Daily Planet
The Lloyd Bridges Show/CBS/1962-63. Freelance Writer
Lonesome Dove: The Series/SYN/1994-95 Montana Statesman Frontier Newspaper  

The Lot/AMC/1999-2001
Hedda Hopper-Like Gossip Columnist
Lou Grant/CBS/1977-82 Los Angeles Tribune Newspaper Editor & Staff
Love & War/CBS/1992-95  New York Register "The Steinway" Opinion Column
Loves Me, Loves Me Not/CBS/1977 Newspaper Reporter
Lucas Tanner/NBC/1974-75 Sportswriter Turned High School Teacher
The Lucie Arnaz Show/CBS/1985 Daily Mirror "Dear Jane" Advice Columnist
Lytton's Diary/THA/1985-86 Fleet Street Gossip Columnist for The Daily News

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