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(Reporters, aspiring writers, proofreaders, publishers, editors, and copywriters)
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Program Description
The Ray Bolger Show/ABC/1953-55 Aspiring Writer
The Rebel/ABC/NBC/1959-62 Roving Confederate Soldier/Writer
Rendezvous/ABC/1952 Foreign Correspondent
The Reporter/CBS/1964 New York Globe Newspaper Reporter
The Reporters/FOX/1988-90 Tabloid News Stories
Rituals/SYN/1984-85 Playwright
The Roaring Twenties/ABC/1960-62 New York Daily Record Newspaper Reporters
The Round Table/NBC/1992 Newspaper Reporter
Sable/ABC/1987-88 Spy Poses As Children's Story Writer
Saints & Sinners/NBC/1962-63 Newspaper Reporter
Savannah/WB/1996-97 Reporter for the Savannah Dispatch
The Second Half/NBC/1993-94 The Chicago Daily Post Sports Columnist
Seinfeld/NBC/1990-98 Manuscript Reader/Catalog Copywriter
Selling Hitler/EUS/1991 London Sunday Times Publishing Hoax Of 1983
Sex and the City/HBO/1998-2004 Newspaper Columnist (Sexual Anthropologist)
Sex, Love & Secrets/UPN/2005 Celebrity Journalist
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Reporter For Sleazy Tabloid The National Register
Shell Game/CBS/1987 TV News Reporters
Shirley's World/ABC/1971-72 World Illustrated Magazine Photojournalist
Significant Others/FOX/1998 Internet Porn Writer
The Single Guy/NBC/1995-97 Novelist
The Slap Maxwell Story/ABC/1987-88 The Ledger Newspaper Sportswriter
The Smothers Brothers Show/CBS/1965-66 Pandora Publications Executive
The Snoop Sisters/NBC/1973-74 Mystery Writers
Spin City/ABC/1996-2002 Press Secretary and Reporter
Stanley/NBC/1956-57 Newspaper Stand Owner
Stark/BBC/1993 Sex-Starved Writer Living During Earth's Final Days
Stone/ABC/1980 Novelist Police Detective
Strange Luck/FOX/1995-96 Photojournalist
Studio 5-B/ABC/1989 TV Anchors & Crew
Suddenly Susan/NBC/1996-2000 Magazine Staff Writer for The Gate
Sunday Dinner/CBS/1991 Printing Business Owner
Suzanne Pleshette Is Maggie Briggs/CBS/1984 Modern Living Magazine Writer
Target: The Corruptors/ABC/1961-62 Newspaper Reporter
The Ted Knight Show/SYN/1986 Marin Bugler Weekly Newspaper Publisher
Tequila & Bonetti/CBS/1992 Police Captain Aspires To Be Writer
Terry & The Pirates/SYN/1952-53 Affiliated News Service Freelance Reporter
That Girl/ABC/1966-71 Newsview Magazine Reporter
Then Came Bronson/NBC/1969-70 Former Newspaper Reporter Travels America
The Thin Man/NBC/1957-59 Mystery Publisher
This Is Alice/SYN/1958-59 Star Herald Reporter
Time To Live/NBC/1954 Newspaper Reporter
Together We Stand (Nothing Is Easy)/CBS/1986-87 Aspiring Court Reporter
Tombstone Territory/ABC/SYN/1957-60 Frontier Newspaper Editor
The Tony Danza Show/NBC/1997 Freelance Sportswriter
Too Something/FOX/1995 Frustrated Writer Works in Mailroom
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 Vietnam War Era Field Reporter
Trackdown/CBS/1957-59 The Enterprise Newspaper Founder/Editor
Turnabout/NBC/1979 Magazine Sportswriter
T.V. 101/CBS/1988-89 High School Student TV Reporters
2000 Malibu Road/CBS/1992 Screenwriter
Union Square/NBC/1997 Struggling Playwright
Urban Angel (Crime Time After Prime Time)/CBS/1991-93 Montreal Tribune Reporters
V/NBC/1984-85 TV News Reporter

Valentine's Day/ABC/1964-65

Publishing Executive
Veronica's Closet/NBC/1997-2000 Romance Author
Walter & Emily/NBC/1991-92 San Francisco Examiner Newspaper Sportswriter
The Waltons/CBS/1972-81 Aspiring Writer
The Walter Winchell File/ABC/1957-58 Crime Journalism Anthology
Webster/ABC/1983-87 Consumer Advocate
We've Got Each Other/CBS/1977-78 Catalog Copywriter
What's Happening!!/ABC/1976-79 Aspiring Writer
What's Happening Now!!/SYN/1985-87 Novelist & L.A. Gazette "Dear Al" Columnist
Where's Raymond/ABC/1953-55 Aspiring Writer
Whiz Kids/CBS/1983-84 Newspaper Reporter Befriends Computer Whiz
Wildside/ABC/1985 Owner of The Daily Flash, a Frontier Newspaper
Window On Main Street/CBS/1961-62 Novelist
WIOU/CBS/1990-91 WNDY, Channel 12 TV Executive & News Crew
Wire Service/ABC/1956-59 Wire Service Reporters
WKRP In Cincinnati/CBS/1978-82/SYN/1991-93 Radio News Reporter
Women Of The House/CBS/1995 Reporter-Turned-Press-Secretary
You Can't Take It With You/SYN/1987-88 Freelance Writer 
Your Cheatin' Heart/BBC/1990 Journalist Investigates Narcotics Trafficking

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