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Law & Lawyers (Attorneys, Judges, Court Reports & Reenactments of Trial Cases)

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Program Description
The Eddie Capra Mysteries/NBC/CBS/1978-79 Lawyer/Sleuth
Eddie Dodd/ABC/1991 Defense Lawyer
Eisenhower & Lutz/CBS/1988 Shopping Mall-Based Lawyer
Ellen/ABC/1994-98 Patent Lawyer (Ellen's Father)
Equal Justice/ABC/1990-91 District Attorney's Prosecuting Attorneys
Even Stevens/DIS/2000-2003 Successful Attorney
Evening Shade/CBS/1990-94 Female Prosecuting Attorney
Family/ABC/1976-80 Lawyer
Family Law/CBS/1999-2002 Holt & Associates Family Law Attorney & Partners
Famous Jury Trials/DUM/1949-52 Case Reenactments
Father Of The Bride/CBS/1961-62 Lawyer
Fay/NBC/1975-76 Legal Secretary
The Feather & Father Gang/ABC/1977 Con Artist Lawyer
Feds/CBS/1997 US Attorney's Office
Final Appeal: From The Files Of Unsolved Mysteries/NBC/1992 Felons Files Reopened 
First Monday/CBS/2002 US Supreme Court Justices
First Years/NBC/2001 New Lawyers at Hoberman, Spain, McPherson & O'Donnell
Flesh 'N' Blood/NBC/1991 Female District Attorney
Foley Square/CBS/1985-86 District Attorney's Office Staff
For The People/CBS/1965 Assistant District Attorney
For Your Love/NBC/WB/1998 Lawyer
Four Just Men/SYN/1959-60 French Lawyer
The Four Seasons/CBS/1984 Lawyer
Free Spirit/ABC/1989-90 Lawyer
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 Lawyer
Gabriel's Fire/ABC/1990-91 Heller & Klein, Attorneys-At-Law
The Girl With Something Extra/NBC/1973-74 Metcalf, Klein & Associates Lawyer
Girl's Club/FOX/2002 The Lives of Three 27-Year-Old Female Attorneys
Girlfriends/UPN/2000+ 29-Year-Old Black Female Lawyer & Her Friends
Glynis/CBS/1963-65 Lawyer/Sleuth
Good Advice/CBS/1993-94 Divorce Attorney
The Grand Jury/SYN/1958-59 Grand Jury Lawyer
The Great Defender/FOX/1995 Street-Smart Attorney
The Greatest American Hero/ABC/1981-83 Lawyer 
Green Acres/CBS/1965-71 Lawyer Turned Farmer
The Guardian/CBS/2001-2004 Lawyer Sentenced To 1500 Hours Community Service 
Guilty or Innocent/SYN/1984 Court Case Reenactments
Hagen/CBS/1980 Lawyer
Hardcastle & McCormick/ABC/1983-86 Retired Judge Turned Vigilante
Harry's Law/NBC/2011+ Harriet's Law and Find Shoes (Patent Attorney opens shop in an old shoe store and offers legal services to the poor)
Harrigan & Son/ABC/1960-61 Father And Son Criminal Lawyers
Hawkins/CBS/1973-74 Rural Lawyer
Hazel/NBC/CBS/1961-66 Butterworth, Hatch, Noll & Baxter Corporate Lawyer
Head Cases/FOX/2005 Lawyer recovering from nervous breakdown  teams with a lawyer with explosive manic outbursts.
Hidden Faces/NBC/1968-69 Lawyer/Criminologist
His Honor, Homer Bell/SYN/1955 Justice Of The Peace
Hollywood Off Beat/SYN/DUM/CBS/1952-53 Disbarred Lawyer Turned Private Eye
The Home Court/NBC/1995-96 Family Court Judge
The House On High Street/NBC/1959 Lawyer
House Rules/NBC/1998 Assistant District Attorney
Husband, Wives & Lovers/CBS/1978 Corporate Lawyer
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 Ex-Wife Attorney of Private Eye
I Married Joan/NBC/1952-55 Presiding Judge
I'll Fly Away/NBC/PBS/1991-93 Small Town Prosecuting Attorney
In Justice/ABC/2006 Hotshot corporate lawyer establishes the National Justice Project that takes on the cases of the wrongly convicted.
The Informer/SYN/1965. Disbarred Barrister With Underworld Connections
The Irish R.M./SYN/1983-85 Resident Magistrate (Justice of the Peace)
It Takes Two/ABC/1982-83 Assistant District Attorney
It's Like, You Know.../ABC/1999 Actress Works Part-Time As Process Server
Jake and the Fatman/CBS/1987-92 District Attorney and Investigator
JAG/NBC/1995-96/CBS/1997-2005 JAG Naval Attorney
The Jean Arthur Show/CBS/1966 Marshall & Marshall, Mother & Son  Lawyers
Jessica Slept Here/NBC/1983 Lawyer
The Joseph Cotton Show/NBC/1956-57 Court Case Reenactments
Judd, For The Defense/ABC/1967-69 Criminal Lawyer
The Judge/SYN/1986-92 Court Case Reenactments
Judge Dee/GRA/1969 .Traveling British Magistrate
Judge Judy/SYN/1996+ Daytime Civil Court Cases
Judge Joe Brown/SYN/1997+ Civil Court Cases
Judge Mills Lane/SYN/1998-2001 Civil Court Cases
Judge Roy Bean/SYN/1955-56 Self-Appointed Frontier Vigilante Judge
Judging Amy/CBS/1999-2005 Corporate Lawyer Appointed Family Court Judge
Just Cause/PAX/2002-2003 Ex-con With Law Degree Hired at Firm of Hamilton Whitney III
Justice/NBC/1954-56 Legal Aid Society Lawyers
Justice/YTV/1971-74 British Lady Barrister

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