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Law & Lawyers (Attorneys, Judges, Court Reports & Reenactments of Trial Cases)

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Program Description
Kavanaugh QC/CEN/1995 British Barrister
Kaz/CBS/1978-79 Convict Turned Lawyer
Knots Landing/CBS/1979-83 Lawyer
L.A.Law/NBC/1986-94 McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney, & Kuzak Law Firm
The Law and Harry McGraw/CBS/1987-88 Criminal Lawyer
The Law and Mr. Jones/ABC/1960-62 Criminal Lawyer
Law & Order/NBC/1990+ Assistant District Attorneys
The Lawyers/NBC/1969-72 Lawyers  
Leap Years/SHO/2001-2002 Successful Madison Avenue Lawyer Aspires to Politics
Legwork/CBS/1987 Assistant District Attorney
Life's Work/ABC/1996-97 Assistant State's Attorney
Living In Captivity/FOX/1998 Female Lawyer
Living Single/FOX/1993-97 Divorce Lawyer (Later A Public Defender)
Lock Up/SYN/1959-61 Corporate Lawyer
McBride/HAL/2005+ Ex-Cop turned Lawyer - with a Soft Spot for the Underdog
McNaughton's Daughter/NBC/1976 Deputy District Attorney
The Main Chance/YTV/1969-75 .British Solicitor
Markham/CBS/1959-60 Lawyer/Private Eye
The Marriage/NBC/1954 Lawyer
Married People/ABC/1990-91 Michaelson & Michaelson Wall Street Law Firm
The Mask/ABC/1954 Firm Of Guilfoyle & Guilfoyle, Two Lawyer Brothers
Matlock/NBC/ABC/1986-95 Defense Lawyer
Matt Helm/ABC/1976-76 Private Practice Attorney
Maximum Bob/ABC/1998 Strict, Ornery Sentencing Judge
May To December/BBC/1989-94 Old Solicitor Falls In Love With Young Gym Teacher
Medium/NBC/2005+ Female law student who can talk to dead people, and see the future in her dreams helps district attorney
Meet Corliss Archer/CBS/SYN/1951-55 Lawyer/Insurance Agent
Men/ABC/1989 Criminal Lawyer
Michael Hayes/CBS/1997 Ex-Cop turned U.S. Attorney Federal Prosecutor
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer/CBS/1984-88 Asst. D. A. (Special City Prosecutor)
Misleading Cases/BBC/1967-68 & 1971 Old Man Defends Himself With Outdated Laws
Miss Susan/NBC/1951 Handicapped Lawyer
The Mississippi/CBS/1983-84 Rural Criminal Lawyer
Mr. Belvedere/ABC/1985-90 Dawson, Metcalfe & Bach (later The Legal Hut) Lawyer
Mr. District Attorney/ABC/1951-52/SYN/1954-55 District Attorney
Mr. Justice Duncannon/BBC/1963 British Judge
The Mothers-In-Law/NBC/1967-69 Private Practice Lawyer
Murder One/ABC/1995-96 High Profile Lawyer
Muscle/WB/1995 Publicity-hungry Lawyer
My Mother The Car/NBC/1965-66 Small Town Lawyer
My Two Dads/NBC/1987-90 Child Custody Judge
The New Addams Family/FFC/1998-99 Eccentric Millionaire Lawyer
The New Adventures Of Perry Mason/CBS/1973-74 Criminal Lawyer
The New Leave It To Beaver/DIS/TBS/1984-90 Lawyer
Night Court/NBC/1984-92 Night Court Judge, Attorneys & Bailiffs
Night Court, U.S.A./SYN/1958 Court Case Reenactments
The Nine Lives Of Elfego Baca/ABC/1958-60 Frontier Town Lawyer/Sheriff
NYPD Blue/ABC/1993-2005 Assistant DA Wife of Detective
On Trial/BBC/1960 British Court Case Reenactments
On Trial/NBC/1956-57 Court Case Reenactments
On Trial/SYN/1988 Taped Excerpts of Actual Trials
Orleans/CBS/1997 Eccentric Southern Judge & His D.A. Son
Our Family Honor/ABC/1985-86 Criminal Lawyer
Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law/ABC/1971-74 Trial Lawyer
The Paper Chase/CBS/1978-79/SHO/1983-86 Law School Professors & Students
The Parent 'Hood/WB/1995-99 Law Student
Park Place/CBS/1981 Legal Aid Clinic Lawyers
Parole/SYN/1959 Parole Hearings
Partners/FOX/1995 Up-and-Coming Lawyer
The Paul Lynde Show/ABC/1972-73 Lawyer
The People's Court/SYN/1981-93 Small Claims Court Cases
People's Court of Small Claims/SYN/1958. Small Claims Hearings
Perry Mason/CBS/1957-66 Defense Lawyer
Petrocelli/NBC/1974-76 Rural Lawyer
Philly/ABC/2001-2002 Up & Coming, No-Nonsense Female Defense Attorney
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 District Attorney & Defense Lawyer & Judge
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Assistant District Attorney
Pistols 'n' Petticoats/CBS/1966-67 Crooked Frontier Lawyer
Portia Faces Life/CBS/1954 Lawyer
The Practice/ABC/1997-2004 Small Poorly Financed Legal Firm
The Protectors/NBC/1969-70 District Attorney
The Public Defender/CBS/1954-55 Public Defender Lawyer
Public Prosecutor (Crawford Mystery Theater)/SYN/1947-48/DUM/1951-52 Attorney
The Pursuit of Happiness/NBC/1995. Gay Lawyer

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