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Meteorologists (Weather Forecasters)
Program Description
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 Spoiled Rich Girl Becomes TV Weather Girl
Good Morning, Miami/NBC/2002-04 Catholic Nun Works as a TV Meteorologist
Grace Under Fire/ABC/1993-98 KBLG Traffic/Weather Report Helicopter Pilot
Just Our Luck/ABC/1983 KPOX-TV Weatherman
Married...with Children/FOX/1987-97 Gorgeous TV Weather Girl ("Weather Bunny")
One Happy Family/NBC/1961 Meteorologist
Scorch/CBS/1992 Small Dragon Poses As WWEN-TV Weatherman's On-Air Puppet
Too Close For Comfort/ABC/SYN/1980-86 Cartoonists Daughter Becomes KTSF-TV Weathergirl
227/NBC/1985-90 Channel 87 Weathergirl 
Welcome to New York/CBS/2000-2001 AM New York WYND Channel 6 Weatherman
Who's Watching The Kids/NBC/1978 KVGS-TV Newsman/Weatherman



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