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Military  See also "MILITARY SHOWS"

(Includes all Armed Forces  past, present & future)
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Program Description
Harbor Command/SYN/1957-58 Coast Guard Harbor Police
Hennesey/CBS/1959-62 Navy Medical Officer
Hogan's Heroes/CBS/1965-71 World War II Allied Prisoners Of War
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 Returning Second World War Soldiers
Hondo/ABC/1967 Frontier Cavalry Scout
Human Target/ABC/1992 Special Forces Operative Turned Decoy-For-Hire
I Dream Of Jeannie/NBC/1965-70 Air Force Astronauts
Irish R.M./SYN/1983-85 Retired British Army Officer
It Ain't Half Hot, Mum/BBC/1974-81 British Royal Artillery Concert Party Unit In India
It's A Great Life/NBC/1954-56 Returning World War II Soldiers
It's About Time/CBS/1966-67 Stranded Air Force Astronauts Crew Of The Scorpio
JAG/NBC/1995-96/CBS/1997-2005 Judge Advocate General's Naval Attorneys
Jenny's War/HTV/1985 Woman Enters Nazi Germany To Find Missing RAF Pilot
The John Forsythe Show/NBC/1965-66 Retired Air Force Major
Lawless/FOX/1997 Ex-Special Forces Operative Turned Private Eye
The Last Days of Pompeii/ABC/1984 Roman Gladiator & Trainer
The Legend Of Custer/ABC/1967 Frontier Cavalry Officer
The Lieutenant/NBC/1963-64 Marine Corps Lieutenant
Lightning Force/SYN/1991-92 Elite Anti-Terrorist Military Unit Called Lightning Force
Lipstick On Your Collar/C-4/1993 Serviceman Translates Cold War Russian Memos
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83. Korean War Army Surgeons And Nurses
MacGyver/ABC/1985-92 Retired Special Forces Operative
Mackenzie's Raiders/SYN/1958-59 Cavalry Undercover Agent
Magnum, P.I./CBS/1980-88 Former Naval Intelligence Officer Turned Private Eye
Major Dad/CBS/1989-93 Camp Singleton (later Camp Hollister) Marine Corps Major
Major Del Conway Of The Flying Tigers/SYN/1953 WWII Volunteer Air Force Pilots
Manhunt/LWT/1970 Downed WWII RAF Pilot
Masada/ABC/1981 Roman Army Tenth Legion
McHale's Navy/ABC/1962-66 Crew Of WWII Squadron 19 PT Patrol Boat #73
McKeever & The Colonel/NBC/1962-63 Westfield Academy Military School Cadets
The Man From Atlantis/NBC/1977-78 Naval Doctor Befriends Atlantian Man
The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis/CBS/1959-63 Teenagers Do a Stint as Army Privates
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Gay Naval Officer Forced Out of The Service
Men In Battle/BBC/1956-57 Tales Of WWII Battles
Men Into Space/CBS/1959-60 Air Force Astronauts
Men Of Annapolis/SYN/1957 Naval Academy Cadets
Mr. Ed/CBS/1961-65 Retired Air Force Colonel
Mr. Roberts/NBC/1965-66 World War II Navy Cargo Ship Officer
Mona McCluskey/NBC/1965-66 Air Force Sergeant
Moonstrike/BBC/1963 WWII Aviators Pick & Deliver Agents Behind The Lines
My Living Doll/CBS/1964-65 Air Force Psychiatrist
My Three Sons/ABC/CBS/1960-72 Retired Merchant Marine Turned Housekeeper
Napoleon And Love/THA/1974 Loves & Military Career Of Napoleon Bonaparte
1915/ABP/1982 Two Australian Soldiers Fighting With British Army During WWI
No Time For Sergeants/ABC/1964-65 Air Force Private
North & South (& North & South II)/ABC/1985-1986 Union & Confederate Armies
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Retired Astronaut
Northwest Passage/NBC/1958-59 Colonial Army Rangers/Indianfighters
Not For Hire/SYN/1959-60 Army Criminal Investigator
Operation Neptune/NBC/1953 Navy Submarine Officer
Operation Petticoat/ABC/1977-79 Army Nurses on WWII SS Sea Tiger Submarine
The Pathfinders/THA/1972-73 WWII RAF Pilots Pathfinder Force
Pensacola: Wings of Gold/SYN/1997-2000 Marine Colonel Fighter Pilot Trainer
Pentagon, U.S.A./CBS/1953 Army Criminal Investigator
The Phil Silvers Show/CBS/1955-59 Camp Fremont Army Master Sergeant
The Planet Of The Apes/CBS/1974 Astronauts Marooned In Future
Poldark/BBC/1975-77 British Captain Returns Home After Fighting American Rebels
Private Benjamin/CBS/1981-83 Pampered Socialite Turned Army Private
Private Schulz/BBC/1981 Convict Mistakenly Recruited Into SS Counter Espionage
Project U.F.O./NBC/1978-79 Air Force UFO Investigators

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