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Money  See also - "Banks & Banking"

(Includes Millionaires, Heiresses, and the Well-To-Do)
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Program Description
The Mallens/GRA/1979-80 British Aristocratic Family
The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis/CBS/1959-63 Spoiled Rich Teenager
Marblehead Manor/SYN/1987-88 Wealthy Eccentrics
Matt Houston/ABC/1982-85 Millionaire Private Eye
The Millionaire/CBS/1955-60 Reclusive Multibillionaire
Mrs. Thursday/ATV/1966-67 Cockney Charwoman Inherits Fortune
Mr. Deeds Goes To Town/ABC/1969-70 Editor Inherits Corporation
Mr. Garlund/CBS/1960-61 30-Year Old Tycoon
Moon Over Miami/ABC/1993 Wealthy Heiress Hooks Up With Private Eye
The Name Of The Game/NBC/1968-71 Wealthy Magazine Publisher & Staff
The Nanny/CBS/1993-99 Wealthy British Widower Hires Jewish Nanny
Nearest And Dearest/GRA/1968-72 Brother & Sister Inherit Pickle Factory Fortune
The New Addams Family/FFC/1998-99 Eccentric Millionaire Lawyer & Family
O.K. Crackerby/ABC/1965-66 Richest Man In The World
One In A Million/ABC/1980 Cabby Inherits Fortune
The Pallisers/BBC/1974 Wealthy Victorian English Family
Paper Dolls/ABC/1984 Fashion Industry Mogul
Pasadena/FOX/2001 Wealthy & Powerful Pasadena Family
Pauly/FOX/1997 Son of Real Estate Magnate
Penmarric/BBC/1979 Life at the Penmar Family Rural Estate
The Persuaders/ITC/ABC/1971-72 Wealthy Playboys/Troubleshooters
Pig Sty/UPN/1995 Tobacco Heir/Songwriter
Please Stand By/SYN/1978-79 Oil Executive Buys Rural TV Station
The Pruitts Of Southampton/ABC/1966-77 Bankrupt Socialite
Princesses/CBS/1991 Widow Of English Prince (Isle Of Scilly)
Private Benjamin/CBS/1981-83 Socialite Turned Army Private
Rags To Riches/NBC/1987-88 Bachelor Millionaire Adopts Five Orphan Girls
The Return of the Saint/ITC/1978-79 Wealthy Playboy Adventurer/Sleuth
Roseanne/ABC/1988-97 Working Class Family Wins Lottery
The Rounders/ABC/1966-67 Texas Millionaire
The Saint/ATV/NBC/1962-69 Wealthy Playboy Adventurer/Sleuth
Savannah/WB/1996-97 Wealthy Savannah, Georgia Family
Silver Spoons/NBC/SYN/1982-87 Toy Millionaire & Young Son
The Simpsons/FOX/1989+ Greedy Millionaire Industrialist (Mr. Burns)
Soap/ABC/1977-81 Wealthy Eccentric Family
Street Justice/SYN/1991-93 Independently Wealthy Police Plainclothes Detective
The Survivors/ABC/1969-70 Jet Set Millionaires
Swans Crossing/SYN/1992 Group of Wealthy Teenagers
Sword Of Justice/NBC/1978-79 Millionaire Playboy
Tammy/ABC/1965-66 Wealthy Plantation Owner
The Tammy Grimes Show/ABC/1966 Madcap Heiress
Teech/CBS/1991 Wealthy Teenagers At Winthrop Academy
TekWar/USA/1994-95 Mysterious Head of Huge Cosmos Security Agency
Thicker Than Water/ABC/1973 Paine's Pure Pickles Manufacturing Heirs
The Thin Man/NBC/1957-59 Wealthy Publisher
The Third Man/BBC/NTA/1959-60 Import/Export Tycoon
The Thorns/ABC/1988 Social Climbers and Wealthy Widow
Three Moons Over Milford/ABF/2006 Laura, the pampered and aloof wife of a Bill Gates-style entrepreneur loses her husbands fortune, her mansion and is forced to work as a receptionist in a lawyers office after an asteroid breaks earth's moon into three piece and its degrading orbit threatens mankind.
To The Manor Born/BBC/1979-81 Bankrupt Socialite and Millionaire Bachelor
Top Of The Heap/FOX/1991 Rolling Hills Country Club Manager & Staff
The Tycoon/ABC/1964-65 .Wealthy Industrialist
Vanity Fair/BBC/1987 Femme Fatale Claws Her Way Up Society's Ladder
Wild C.A.T.S./CBS/1994-95 Millionaire Recruits Aliens Into Covert Action Team
Will & Grace/NBC/1998-2006 Wealthy Socialite Slums As Interior Designer's Assistant
Windfall/NBC/2006 20 friends Share a $386 Million Lottery Jackpot
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Unemployed Stockbroker
The World Of Wooster/BBC/1965-67 1920s Aristocrat & His Butler

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