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Motion Picture Industry  See also  - "Entertainment Industry Personnel"

 (Includes movie stars and other industry employees)

Program Description
The A-Team/NBC/1983-87 Special Effects Man
Action/FOX/1999 Dragonfire Film Studio Executive
Adventurer/ITC/1972-73 Secret Agent Movie Star
Almost Grown/CBS/1988-89 Movie Filmmaker
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice/ABC/1973 Movie Director
Bracken's World/NBC/1969-70 .Movie Studio Head
Buddies/ABC/1996 Aspiring Filmmakers Launch Videotape Company
The Critic/ABC/FOX/1994-95 Nerdy Cable TV Movie Critic
Cybill/CBS/1995-98 Middle-Aged Actress
Dark Justice/CBS/1991-94 Special Effects Expert Helps Vigilante Judge
Dawson's Creek/WB/1998-2003 Aspiring Movie Maker
Don't Forget To Write!/BBC/1977 & 1979 Struggling Film Playwright
Doogie Howser, M.D./ABC/1989-93 Aspiring Film Director
FX: The Series/SYN/1996-98 Special Effects Expert
Flickers/ITC/1980 Turn-Of-The-Century Traveling Film Exhibition (Bioscope Theatre)
Gilligan's Island/CBS/1964-67 Movie Actress Stranded On Desert Island
Harris Against The World/NBC/1964-65 Movie Studio Employee
Head Over Heels/UPN/1997 Video Dating Service Operators
Hollywood Babylon/SYN/1992 Scandals of Hollywood Celebrities
Hollywood Screen Test/ABC/1948-53 Talent Show Competitions
The Industry (Made in Canada)/CBC/1998 Pyramid Productions Film Executives
Jennifer Slept Here/NBC/1983-84 Movie Actress Ghost
Jenny/NBC/1997-98 Struggling Filmmakers 
Leap Years/SHO/2001-02. Critic & Wannabe Filmmaker (later turns Therapist) 
The Lot/AMC/1999-2001 Actors & Staff Sylver Screen Productions
Mad About You/NBC/1992-99 Documentary Filmmaker
Misery Loves Company/FOX/1995 NYU Film Professor
Mona McCluskey/NBC/1965-66 Movie Actress
Morton & Hayes/CBS/1991 Producer Discovers Old Films of Movie Comedians
The New Gidget/SYN/1986-88 Producer of "Gidget's Guide To Surfing" Video
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Aspiring Filmmaker
Oh, Madeline/ABC/1983-84 Cinema Rents Prop Rental Business
Palace Guard/CBS/1991 Former B Movie Queen
Pictures/CEN/1983 1920s British Cinema Producer
The Popcorn Kid/CBS/1987 Movie House Employees
Scarecrow & Mrs. King/CBS/1983-87 International Federal Films (Spy Agency)
Sherman Oaks: The Series/SHO/1995-96 Filmmaker Makes Documentary of Family
U.F.O./SYN/1970 Harlington-Straker Film Studio (Front for SHADO Defense)
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Former B Movie Star
Young Charlie Chaplin/THA/1989 Boyhood Life Of Silent Film Star

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