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Program Description
The Man & The City/ABC/1971-72 Mayor Of Southwestern City
Man Of The People/NBC/1991 7th District City Councilman
The Mayor of Casterbridge/BBC/1978 Victorian Period Mayor
Mayberry R.F.D./NBC/1968-71 City Councilman
Mayor Of Hollywood/NBC/1952 Campaigning For Mayor
Mayor Of The Town/SYN/1954 Mayor Of Midwestern Town
McHale's Navy/ABC/1962-66 Conniving Italian Town Mayor
Melissa & Joey/ABF/2010+

Toledo Councilwoman (7th District)


Mr. Dugan/CBS/1979 Black Congressman
Mr. Mayor/CBS/1964-65 Kindhearted Mayor
Mr. President/FOX/1987 US President
Mr. Smith/NBC/1983 .Washington Consultant
Mr. Smith Goes To Washington/ABC/1962-63 Freshman Senator
Mr. Sterling/NBC/2003 William Sterling Jr., Newly Nominated State (CA) Senator
The Monroes/ABC/1995 Congressman & Candidate for Governor
Monty Python's Flying Circus/BBC/1960-74 Ministry of Silly Walks (Mr. Teabag)
Nancy/NBC/1970-71 .President's Daughter
Nancy Astor/BBC/1983 First Woman Elected To Parliament In Over 600 Years
The New Andy Griffith Show/CBS/1977 Small Town Mayor
The New Statesman/YTV/1988-93. Unscrupulous British Politician
1990/BBC/1977-78 Department of Public Control, a Ruthless Futuristic Bureaucracy
Oh Dr. Beeching!/BBC/1996-97 Minister of Transport
The One Hundred Lives Of Black Jack Savage/NBC/1991 Corrupt Island Dictator
Out Of This World/SYN/1987-91 Lady Mayor of Small Coastal Town
The Pallisers/BBC/1975-76 British Parliament Member
Paradise Postponed/THA/1986 Conservative Cabinet Minister
Paris 7000/ABC/1970 State Department Embassy Employee
Passport To Danger/SYN/1954-56 US Diplomatic Courier
The People's Choice/NBC/1955-58 City Councilman
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 Town Mayor
The Powers That Be/NBC/1992-93 Democratic Senator & His Dysfunctional Family
Quentin Dergens, M.P./SYN/1966 British Parliament Member
R3/BBC/1964-65 Ministry of Research Centre Scientists
Rich Man, Poor Man-Book I/ABC/1976-77 US Senator
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer/UPN/1998 Abraham Lincoln & His Black Butler
The Senator/NBC/1970-71 Junior Senator
Slattery's People/CBS/1964-65 State Minority Leader
Snoops/CBS/1989-90 State Department Protocol Aide
Spin City/ABC/1996-2002 Deputy Mayor & City Hall Staff
Tanner '88/HBO/1988 Mock Democratic Presidential Candidate
That's My Bush/COM/2001 President Bush & Life In The White House
Top of the Hill/CBS/1989 Idealistic Congressman
Traffik/C4/1989 British Politician Involved With Pakistani Opium Trade
Trinity/NBC/1998 Union Organizer
Washingtoon/SHO/1984-85 US House Of Representative Congressman
Webster/ABC/SYN/1983-89 Mayor's Ombudsman
The West Wing/NBC/1999-2006 President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet Administration & Staff
The Whitehall Worrier/BBC/1967 Bumbling British Minister
Wild Palms/ABC/1993 US Senator
Wildside/ABC/1985 Territorial Governor Assigns Tasks To Secret Vigilante Group
Wings/NBC/1990-97 Island Councilman
Winston Churchill-The Valiant Years/ABC/1960-61 Churchill's Career Prior To WWII
Winston Churchill-The Wilderness Years/SOU/1981 Churchill's Career From 1929-39
Women Of The House/CBS/1995 Female Member Of The House of Representatives
X Presidents (Segment of Saturday Night Live)/NBC/1990s Ex-Presidents Battle Evil
Yes, Minister/BBC/1980-82 British Minister For Administrative Affairs
Yes, Prime Minister/BBC/1986-88 British Cabinet Secretary

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