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Private Investigators  See also "Police & Law Enforcement Agents"

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Program Description
The D.A./NBC/1971-72 District Attorney's Investigator
The D.A.'s Man/NBC/1959 District Attorney's Investigator
Danger Theatre/FOX/1993 Spoof of Police & Private Eye Shows
Dangerous Robin (Case Of The Dangerous Robin)/SYN/1960 Insurance Investigator
Dellaventura/CBS/1997-98 Cop Turned Personal Security Specialist
Detective In The House/CBS/1985 Retired Detective Teaches Tricks Of  The Trade
Detective School/ABC/1979 Private Eye Instructor
The Detective's Wife/CBS/1950 Private Eye & Wife
The Devlin Connection/NBC/1982 Military Spy & Private Eye Son
Diagnosis: Murder/CBS/1993-2001 Hospital Physician Dabbles In Crime Solving
Diamonds/CBS/USA/1987-89 TV Actors Turned Private Eyes
Dick And The Duchess/A-R/CBS/1957-59 Insurance Investigator
Dick Barton-Special Agent/SOU/1979 Private Eye
Dog City/1992-95 Muppet Dog Private Eye
The Duke/NBC/1979 Boxer Turned Private Eye
The Eddie Capra Mysteries/NBC/1978-79 Lawyer Sleuth
The Edison Twins/DIS/CBS/1984-87 Brother & Sister Teenage Sleuths
Ellery Queen/NBC/1975-76 Criminologist
The Expert/BBC/1970-75 Forensic Physician Sleuth
Eye To Eye/ ABC/1985 Retired Gumshoe Teams With Ex-Partner's Daughter
Fallen Angels/SHO/1993 1940s & 50s Private Eyes
Faraday & Company/NBC/1973-74 Father & Son Private Eyes
Father Brown/ATV/1974 Priest Sleuth
Father Dowling Mysteries/NBC/ABC/1989-91 Priest & Nun Sleuths
The Files Of Jeffrey Jones/SYN/1954-55 G.I. Turned Private Eye
Finder of Lost Loves/ABC/1984-85 Locators Of Lost Loves
A Fine Romance/ABC/1989 TV Co-Hosts Sleuths
Flash Gordon/SYN/1953 Galaxy Bureau of Investigation
Fortune Dane/ABC/1986 Mayor's Special Investigator
Fortune Hunter/FOX/1994 Recovery Firm For Stolen Valuables
Four Just Men/SYN/1959-60 British Private Eye
Front Page Detective/DUM/1951-53. Reporter/Sleuth
Gabriel's Fire/ABC/1990-91 Ex-Cop Joins Bird & O'Hannon Private Investigations
Ghostwriter/PBS/1992-95 Ghost in Computer Helps Young Sleuths Solve Crimes
Gideon Oliver (ABC Mystery Movie)/NBC/1989 Anthropologist Sleuth
Glynis/CBS/1963-65 Mystery Writer Sleuth
The Grand Jury/SYN/1959 Grand Jury Investigators
Griff/ABC/1973-74 Cop Turned Private Eye
Hard Knocks/SHO/1987 Private Eyes
Hardcastle & McCormick/ABC/1983-86 Detective For Ex-Judge
The Hardy Boys & The Mystery Of The Applegate Treasure/ABC/1957 Sleuths
The Hardy Boys Mysteries/ABC/1977-79 Teenage Amateur Sleuths
Harry 0/ABC/1974-76 Police Detective On Disability Moonlights As Private Eye
Harry-O/ABC/1974-76 Cop Turned Private Eye
Hart To Hart/ABC/1979-84 Wealthy Amateur Sleuths
Haunted/UPN/2002 Ex-cop Turned Private Investigator Can Talk with the Dead
Hawaiian Eye/ABC/1959-63 Hawaiian Village Hotel Security Agents/Private Eyes
Hazell/THA/1978-79 British East End Private Eye
Hec Ramsey/NBC/1972-74 Frontier Sheriff/Criminologist
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates/BBC/1996-98 60-Year-Old Woman Turned Private Eye
Hidden Faces/NBC/196 Criminologists
High Tide/SYN/1994 Two Beach-loving Private Eye Brothers
Hollywood Off Beat/SYN/DUM/CBS/1952-53 Disbarred Attorney Turned Private Eye
Hollywood Detective/A&E/1991 1930s Private Eye
Honey West/ABC/1965-66 Female Private Eye
Hotel Cosmopolitan/CBS/1957-58 Hotel House Detective
I Had Three Wives/CBS/1985 Private Investigator Teams With His Ex-Wives
Inch High, Private Eye/NBC/1973-74 Very Small Detective
The Inch Man/BBC/1951-52 Imperial Crescent Hotel House Detective
The Inside Man/LWT/1969 Psychiatrist Criminologist  
International Detective/SYN/1959-60 William J. Burns Agency Private Eye
Intrigue/ABP/1966 Industrial Investigator Ferrets Out Industrial Spies
The Investigator/NBC/1958 Private Eye
The Investigators/CBS/1961 Insurance Investigators
It Happens In Spain/SYN/1958 Private Eye
It’s Like, You Know.../NBC/1999 Life’s Little Mysteries Detective Agency

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