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Private Investigators  See also "Police & Law Enforcement Agents"

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Program Description
The Nancy Drew Mysteries/ABC/1977-78 Female Amateur Sleuth
The New Adventures Of Charlie Chan/ITC/1957-58 Chinese Sleuth & Philosopher
The New Adventures Of Martin Kane (Assignment Danger)/NBC/1953-54 Private Eye
The New Adventures of Perry Mason/CBS/1973-74 Investigator For Lawyer
The New Ghostwriter Mysteries/CBS/1997 Computer Ghost Helps Kids Solve Crimes
Nero Wolfe/NBC/1981 Reclusive Criminologist & His Investigators
Not For Hire/SYN/1959-60 US Army Criminal Investigator
Official Detective/SYN/1957-58. Detective Anthology
Once A Hero/ABC/1987 1940s Style Comic Strip Private Eye Enters World of Reality
Orient Express/SYN/1953 Detective Anthology
Outlaws/CBS/1986-87 Frontier Outlaws Turned Modern-Day Detectives
The Outsider/NBC/1968-69 Private Eye
Palace Guard/CBS/1991 Thief Turned Hotel Security Officer
Paris 7000/ABC/1970 State Department Sleuth
Partners In Crime/NBC/1984 Caulfield Detective Agency Female Private Eyes
Partners In Crime/A&E/1990 Husband & Wife Detectives
Paul Temple/BBC/1969-71 British Novelist/Detective
Perry Mason/CBS/1957-66 Lawyer's Investigator
The Persuaders/ITC/ABC/1971-72 Wealthy Amateur Sleuths/Troubleshooters
Pete Kelly's Blues/NBC/1959 Musician Amateur Sleuth
Peter Gunn/NBC/ABC/1958-61 Private Eye
Philip Marlowe/ABC/1959-60. 1930s Private Eye
Philip Marlowe, Private Eye/HBO/1983 & 86 1930s Private Eye
Pony Express/SYN/1959-60 Stage Coach Line Investigator
Private Eye/NBC/1987-88 1950s Private Eye
Private Investigator/BBC/1958-59 British Detective Agency Private Investigator
Probe/ABC/1988 Serendip Organization Hi-Tech Criminologist
Pros and Cons/ABC/1991-92 Cop & Con Turned Detectives
The Protectors/ABP/1964 Team Of  Protection & Security Agents
The Protectors/ITC/1971-72 Elite European Private Detectives
Public Eye/THA/1965-68 & 1969-75 Cynical British Gumshoe
Pulaski The TV Detective/BBC/1987 TV Actor Portraying A Priest Turned Detective
Q.E.D./ABC/1951 Game Show Sleuths
Q.E.D./CBS/1982 Amateur Sleuth Scientist
Quincy, M.E./NBC/1976-83 Medical Examiner Sleuth
The Racing Game/YTV/1979 Steeplechase Jockey Turned Detective
Randall & Hopkirk Deceased (My Partner The Ghost)/ATV/1969-70 Ghost Detective
Raven/CBS/1992-93 Ex-Ninja/US Army Special Forces Agent Turned Private Eye
Reasonable Doubts/NBC/1991-93 District Attorney's Investigator
The Red Hand Gang/NBC/1977-78 Juvenile Sleuths
Remington Steele/NBC/1982-87 Male & Female Private Eyes
The Return of Sherlock Holmes/GRA/1986-88 English Criminologist
Return of the Saint/ITC/CBS/1978-79 Wealthy Playboy Sleuth
Richard Diamond, Private Detective/CBS/NBC/1957-60 Cop Turned Private Eye
Richie Brockelman, Private Eye/NBC/1978 Private Eye
Riptide/NBC/1984-86 Riptide Detective Agency Private Eyes
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes/THA/1971 & 73 Detective Anthology
The Rockford Files/NBC/1974-80 Ex-Con Turned Private Eye

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