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Prostitutes & Kept Women/Men  
Program Description
Becker/CBS/1998-2004 Anita, a hooker whom Dr. Becker befriends. She lives upstairs in his apartment building
China Beach/ABC/1988-91 Karen Charlene "KC", a hooker & heroin addict
Dangerous Women/SYN/1991 Crystal Fox, a prostitute in Prison
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 Myra, the saloon girl/brothel worker
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 Louisa Trotter, Mistress of Prince of Wales
Firefly/WB/2002-03 Inara, high-class Courtesan "Companion" aboard Spaceship Firefly
Hot l Baltimore/ABC/1975 April Green & Suzie Marta Rocket, hotel hookers
In the Heat of the Night/NBC/CBS/1988-94 Joann St. John, ex-prostitute
Joe Bash/ABC/1986 Lorna, a policeman's hooker girlfriend
The John Larroquette Show/NBC/1993-97 Carly, a bus terminal hooker
Key West/FOX/1993 Savannah, a hooker with a heart of gold
Lillie/LWT/1978 Lillie Langtry, Mistress of Edward Prince of Wales
Linc's/SHO/1998-2000 An Ethical Washington, D.C. Hooker
Melrose Place/FOX/1992-99 Sydney, a hooker for Lauren, a Hollywood madam
The Mistress/BBC/1985 & 87 Maxine, mistress of Luke Galloway
Muscle/WB/1995 Gianni, a health spa gigolo
Pictures/CEN/1983 Graham, a professional gigolo
Sherman Oaks: The Series/SHO/1995-96 Shelia & Iverna--plastic surgeon's mistresses
Strangers with Candy/COM/1999-2002 47-year-old prostitute returns to high school
2000 Malibu Road/CBS/1992 Jade, a retired call girl
Urban Angel (Crime Time After Prime Time)/CBS/1993 Nicole, an ex-hooker

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