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Psychics and the Paranormal  See also "Ghosts" and "Witches"
Program Description
A. Dunster Lowell/SYN/1960 Mindreading Criminologist
The Amazing Dunninger/NBC/ABC/1955-56 Mindreader/Mentalist
The Amazing World Of Kreskin/SYN/1971-75 Mindreader/Mentalist
Babylon 5/SYN/1994-98 Psi Corps Telepathic Police
Baywatch Nights/SYN/1995-97 Tarot Card Reader
Beauty and the Beast/CBS/1987-90 Psychic Man/Beast
Beyond Reality/USA/1991-93 Parapsychologists Investigate The Paranormal
Bodies of Evidence/CBS/1992-93 Psychic Assists Homicide Investigations
The Champions/ITC/NBC/1968-71 Spies With Extrasensory Powers
Charmed/WB/1998-2006 Witch Receives Psychic Visions
Crossing Over with John Edwards/SCI/1999-2004 Host Claims to Talk to the Dead
Darkroom/ABC/1981-82 Supernatural Anthology
Dead Zone/USA/2002-2007 Man Awakes From Coma and Can See Future by Touching
Eerie, Indiana/NBC/1991-92 Supernatural Midwestern Town
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension/FOX/1998 Supernatural Midwestern Town
Encounter: The Hidden Truth/FOX/1994-95 Anthology of Supernatural Phenomena
E.S.P./ABC/1958 ESP Game Show
The Evil Touch/SYN/1973 Supernatural Anthology
The Extraordinary/SYN/1994-94 Interviews With People Experiencing the Supernatural
Fear & Fancy/ABC/1953 Supernatural Anthology
Frasier/NBC/1993-2004 Seemingly-Psychic Caregiver To Retired Cop
Freddy's Nightmares/SYN/1988-90 Horror Anthology
The Frighteners/LWT/1972-73 Suspense Anthology
The Girl With Something Extra/NBC/1973-74 Woman With ESP
Great Ghost Tales/NBC/1961 Supernatural Anthology
Haunted/ABP/1967-68 Tales Of Psychic Phenomenon And Occult
Haunted/UPN2002 Ex-cop Turned Private Investigator Communicates with the Dead
The Hidden Room/LIF/1991-93 Moody Tales About Women's Fears
The Hitchhiker/HBO/1983-88/USA/1989-93 Suspense Anthology
The Hunger/SHO/1997 Supernatural Anthology
In Search Of.../SYN/1976-82 Supernatural Events Anthology
Inner Sanctum/SYN/1954 Suspense Anthology
Journey To The Unknown/HAM/ABC/1968-69 Supernatural Anthology
Kuda Bux, Hindu Mystic/CBS/1950 Magician/Mind Reader
Leap In The Dark/BBC/1973-80 Paranormal Investigations
Lights Out/NBC/1949-52 Suspense Anthology
Lost Empires/GRA/1986 British Music Hall Magician
The Magic Circus/SYN/1972 Magician/Illusionist
The Magic of Mark Wilson/SYN/1978 Magician/Illusionist
The Magician/NBC/1973-74 Magician/Illusionist
Mandrake The Magician/SYN/1954 Master Of The Mystic Arts
Maximum Bob/ABC/1998 Judge's Psychic Wife
Maybury/BBC/1981-83 Staff Of British Hospital Psychiatric Unit
Medium/NBC/2005+ Married female law student who can talk to dead people, see the future in her dreams and read people's thoughts, helps police.
Mindreaders/NBC/1979-80 ESP Game Show
Mr. Black/ABC/1949 Devil's Representative
Nanny & The Professor/ABC/1970-71 Telepathic Governess
Ned Blessing: The Story Of My Life & Times/CBS/1993 Psychic Outlaw
The Next Step Beyond/SYN/1978 Supernatural Anthology
Night Gallery/NBC/1970-73 Supernatural Anthology
Nightmare/SYN/1958 Supernatural Anthology
Nightmare Classics/SHO/1989 Supernatural Anthology
A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's Nightmares/SYN/1988-90 Horror Anthology
No Warning/NBC/1958 Suspense Anthology
Ocean Girl/DIS/1994-95 Telepathic Island Girl Communicates With Whales
The Omega Factor/BBC/1979 Psychic British Journalist Recruited By MI5
One Step Beyond/ABC/1959-61 Supernatural Anthology
The Other Side/NBC/1994-95 Psychiatrist & People With Paranormal Experiences
Outer Limits/ABC/1963-65/SHO/SCI/1995-2002 Science Fiction Anthology
The People Next Door/CBS/1989 Artist With Psychic Power
Psi Factor: Chronicles Of The Paranormal/SYN/1996-2000 OSIR Paranormal Files
Radio Active/YTC/1998-2001 Aspiring Female Teenage Psychic
Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected/ANG/1979-84 Suspense/Horror Anthology
Scary Tales/SYN/1986 Suspense/Horror Anthology
SeaQuest DSV (SeaQuest 2032)/NBC/1993-95 Telepathic Physician
The Sentinel/UPN/1996-99 Police Detective with Heightened Sensory Powers
The Seventh Sense/SYN/1978 Hypnotist/ESP
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Reporter & Anthropologist Seek The Paranormal
Sightings/FOX/1992-93/SYN/1994-95 Paranormal Investigations
The Sixth Sense/ABC/1972 Parapsychologist Investigates The Paranormal
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/1987-94 Empathic Starship's Counselor
Starring Boris Karloff/ABC/1949 Suspense Anthology
Strange Stories/SYN/1956 Supernatural Anthology
Strange Universe/SYN/1996-97 Paranormal Anthology
Supernatural/WB/CW/2005+ Two Brothers Battle the Paranormal
Suspense/CBS/1949-54 & 1964 Suspense Anthology
Suspicion/NBC/1957-59 Suspense Anthology
Tales From The Darkside/SYN/1984-88 Horror / Supernatural Anthology
Tales Of The Black Cat/SYN/1950 Suspense Anthology
Tales Of The Haunted/SYN/1981 Supernatural Anthology
Tales Of The Unexpected/NBC/1977 Suspense Anthology
Tales Of The Unexpected (Roald Dahl's)/ANG/1979-84 Suspense Anthology
Tales of Tomorrow/ABC/1951-53 Science Fiction & Supernatural Anthology
Target/SYN/1951 Suspense Anthology
Target/SYN/1957-58 Terror/Suspense Anthology
That's So Raven/DIS/2003+ Black Teenage Psychic Glimpses the Future
Thriller/NBC/1960-62 Supernatural Anthology
The Tomorrow People/NIK/1993-95 Teleporting/Mind Reading Teenagers
The Trap/CBS/1950 Suspense Anthology
Tucker's Witch/CBS/1982-83 Witch Married To A Private Eye
A Turn Of Fate/NBC/1957-58 Suspense Anthology
Twilight Zone/CBS/1959-65/CBS/SYN/1985-87 Science Fiction/Occult Anthology
Twilight Zone/UPN/2002-03 Science Fiction/Occult Anthology
Twist In The Tail/NBC/1977 Suspense Anthology
2000 Malibu Road/CBS/1992 Astrologer
The Unexpected (Times Square Playhouse)/SYN/1952-53 Suspense Anthology
The Veil/SYN/1958 Psychic Phenomenon Anthology
The Vise/ABC/1954-57 Suspense Anthology
Way Out/CBS/1961 Suspense Anthology
The Web/CBS/NBC/1950-57 Suspense Anthology
Wonder Woman/ABC/CBS/1976-79 Woman With Mystic Powers
The X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 FBI Agents Investigate The Paranormal
Zodiac/THA/1974 Astrologer Aids Scotland Yard Detective

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