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Psychology, Mental Health & Social Workers

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Program Description
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 Korean War Era Army Psychiatrist
Maggie/LIF/1998-99 Therapist Counsels 40-Year-Old Woman In Mid-Life Crisis
Mariah/ABC/1987 Prison Psychiatrist
Matt Lincoln/ABC/1970-71 Psychiatrist
Maybury/BBC/1981-83 Staff Of British Hospital Psychiatric Unit
Millennium/FOX/1996-99 Psychological Social Worker
Minor Adjustments/NBC/UPN/1995-96 Child Psychologist
Missing Persons/ABC/1993-94 Psychologist on Missing Persons Squad
Moloney/CBS/1996-97 Police Psychiatrist
Moment Of Truth/NBC/1965 Psychologists
Monk/USA/ABC/2002+ Psychiatrist counsels Ex-Cop with OCD
Morningstar/Eveningstar/CBS/1986 Social Worker
Muscle/WB/1995 Gossipy Psychiatrist
My Living Doll/CBS/1964-65 Cory Psychiatric Clinic Psychiatrist
Neon Rider/SYN/1990-91 Psychologist Rehabilitates Troubled Teens
Newhart/CBS/1982-90 Fired TV Producer Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital
The Norm Show/ABC/1999-2001 Social Workers
Oh Baby/LIF/1998-2000 Corporate Psychiatrist Counsels Pregnant Unwed Employee
On Our Own/ABC/1994-95 Social Worker
Operation: Runaway/NBC/1978 Cop Turned Psychologist
The Other Side/NBC/1994-95 Psychiatrist & People With Paranormal Experiences
Oz/HBO/1997-2003 Catholic Nun Psychiatrist/Drug Counselor At Oz Prison
Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist/SYN/1972 Psychiatrist
The People Next Door/CBS/1989 Psychologist
Prisoner: Cell Block H/SYN/1980 Wentworth Women's Detention Center Psychologist
Professional Father/CBS/1955 Child Psychologist
The Profiler/NBC/1996-2000 Forensic Psychologist
The Psychiatrist/NBC/1971 Psychiatrist
Related/WB/2005 Therapist (One of four Sorelli Sisters)
The Robert Guillaume Show/ABC/1989 Psychiatrist/Marriage Counselor
The Runaways/NBC/1978-79 Psychologist
Sessions/HBO/1991 Psychiatrist & Patients
Shadow Chasers/ABC/1985-86 Parapsychologists
Sidekicks/ABC/1986-87 Social Worker
Sisters/NBC/1991-96 Doctor Therapist Seduces His Patient (During 1994-96 Season)
The Sixth Sense/ABC/1972 Parapsychologist
Sleepwalkers/NBC/1997 Dream Researchers
The Sopranos/HBO/1999-2007 Prozac-Prescribing Psychiatrist Councils Jersey Mobster
Star Trek: The Next Generation/SYN/1987-94 Starship Counselor
Talk to Me/ABC/2000 WSJB Radio Station Psychologist
Tell Me Dr. Brothers/SYN/1964 Psychologist
Tender Is The Night/BBC/SHO/1985 Patient Falls In Love With Her Psychiatrist
Tour of Duty/CBS/1987-90 Vietnam War Era Army Psychiatrist
Unsub/NBC/1989 Department of Justice Psychologist
What About Joan?/ABC/2001 Psychiatrist Friend Of High School Teacher
Wild Oats/FOX/1994 Social Worker
Wonderland/ABC/2000 Forensic Psychiatrist at Rivervue Hospital
The X-Files/FOX/1993-2002 Oxford-Educated Psychologist Turned FBI Agent

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