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Religion (In 1958 Pope Pius XII designated St. Clare of Assisi, the patron Saint of TV)

(Includes priest, nuns, ministers, monks, rabbis & other religious clergy)
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Program Description
A.D./NBC/1985 Peter the Apostle
Aaron's Way/NBC/1988 Amish Farmers
Adam Smith/GRA/1972-73 Scottish Village Parish Minister
The Adventures of Robin Hood/CBS/1955-58 Monk Aids Sherwood Forest Outlaw
All Gas & Gaiters/BBC/1966 & 1967-71 Bishop, Archdeacon &  Novice Chaplain
All In Good Faith/THA/1985-88 .Inner City Parish Vicar
Amazing Grace/NBC/1995 Female Minister/Hospital Chaplain
Amen/NBC/1986-91 Black Deacon & Pastor Of First Community Church
Ballykissangel/BBC/1996-2001 St. Joseph's Parish Priest in Small Irish Village
Bless Me Father/LWT/1978-81 St. Jude's Parish Priests in Suburban London
The Book of Daniel/NBC/2006 Pill-popping Episcopalian Minister at St. Barnabas Church in Newbury (who sees and talks to Jesus) about his problems at work ($3 million school fund embezzled by his brother-in-law) and  home (alcoholic wife, gay son, drug selling daughter, and mother with Alzheimer's) 
The Borgias/BBC/1981 Rise Of The Corrupt Rodrigo Borgia (aka "Pope Alexander VI")
Bram & Alice/CBS/2002 Ex-Catholic Priest Dispenses Drinks & Advice as Bartender
Bridget Loves Bernie/CBS/1972-73 Immaculate Heart Church Parish Priest
The Brighter Day/CBS/1954 Small Town Minister
Cadfael/CEN/1994-96 12th Century Benedictine Monk Sleuth
The Cavanaughs/CBS/1986-89 Film Critic Priest
Christy/CBS/1994-95 Quaker Appalachian Missionary
Circuit Rider/ABC/1951 Frontier Clergyman
Coronet Blue/CBS/1967 Monk Assists Amnesiac
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman/CBS/1993-98 Frontier Town Minister
The Family Holvak/NBC/1975 Small Town Minister
The Fanelli Boys/NBC/1990-91 Parish Priest
Father Brown/ATV/1974 Priest  Sleuth
The Father Dowling Mysteries/NBC/ABC/1989-91 Parish Priest & Nun
Father Murphy/NBC/1981-84 Priest Impostor Aids Orphans
Father Ted/C4/1995-98 Three Priests On A Craggy Irish Island
The Feathered Serpent/THA/1976-78 Ancient Mayan Priest
The Flying Nun/ABC/1967-70 Petite Nun Lifted By Tropic Winds
God, the Devil and Bob/NBC/2000 God Lets the Devil Chose A Human to Tempt
Going My Way/ABC/1962-63 Priests In A Poor Parish
Good Heavens/ABC/1976 Angel Fulfills Wishes
Good Morning, Miami/NBC/2002-04 Catholic Nun Works as a TV Meteorologist
Good News/UPN/1997 Protestant Pastor
Greatest Heroes Of The Bible/NBC/1978-79 & 81 Biblical Reenactments

"This so-called 'new religion' is nothing but a pack of weird rituals and chants, designed to take away the money of fools. Let us say the Lord's Prayer 40 times, but first, let's pass the collection plate!"

-- Reverend Lovejoy, The Simpsons
Hack/CBS/2002-2004 Priest Counsels Ex-Cop Turned Taxi Driver/Vigilante
Have Faith/ABC/1989 Monsignor and Parish Priest
Heaven Help Us/SYN/1994 Dead Honeymoon Couple Become Apprentice Angels
Hell Town/NBC/1985 Priest In A Poor Parish
Highway To Heaven/NBC/1984-89 Angel Assist Those In Need
Hope Island/PAX/1999 Newly Ordained Minster Arrives on Hope Island
In The Beginning/CBS/1978 Priest and Nun Run Mission
The Jewel In The Crown/GRA/1984 Retired Missionary
Just The Ten Of Us/ABC/1988-90 Catholic Boys School Pastor
Kate McShane/CBS/1975 Law Professor Priest
Keeping Up Appearances/BBC/1990-93 & 1995 St. Mark's Church Vicar
Knights of God/ITV/1987 Religious Conservatives Take Over South Of England c202
Kung Fu/ABC/1972-75 Buddhist Shaolin Monk
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues/SYN/1993-96 Shaolin Buddhist Shambala Masters
Ladies In Charge/THA/1986 Three Young London Ladies Help The Needy
Lanigan's Rabbi/NBC/1977 Rabbi Amateur Sleuth
Little World Of Don Camillo/BBC/1980 Italian Town Catholic Priest

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