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Religion (In 1958 Pope Pius XII designated St. Clare of Assisi, the patron Saint of TV)

(Includes priest, nuns, ministers, monks, rabbis & other religious clergy)
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Program Description
Madeline/FAM/1993-94 Boardinghouse Run By Nun
Mariah/ABC/1987 Prison Chaplain
M*A*S*H/CBS/1972-83 Catholic Priest Acting As Army M*A*S*H Unit Chaplain
The Monastery/TLC/2006 Five Men of Varied Backgrounds and Faiths Volunteer to Join a Benedictine Monastery
Monkey/BBC/1979-81 Buddhist Priest
The Montefuscos/NBC/1975 Parish Priest
.Moses The Lawgiver/ATV/1973-74/CBS/1975 Biblical Prophet
Northern Exposure/CBS/1990-95 Eskimo Shaman & Shaman In Training
Nothing Sacred/ABC/1997-98 Hip Young Priest
Oh Brother!/BBC/1968-70 Monastery Monk
Oh Father!/BBC/1973 Monk Becomes Curate Father  
Oliver's Travels/BBC/1995 University Lecturer of Comparative Religion in Wales
Our Man At St. Mark's/A-R/1963-65 British Countryside Vicar
Our Man From St. Mark's/A-R/1966 British Cathedral Archdeacon
Out Of The Blue/ABC/1979 Inept Angel Helps Orphans
Oz/HBO/1997-2003 Catholic Nun Psychiatrist/Drug Counselor At Oz Prison
Paradise Postponed/THA/1986 Liberal Activist Protestant Minister
Rachel Gunn. R.N./FOX/1992 Hospital Volunteer Nun
Picket Fences/CBS/1992-96 Town Clergy (Rabbi, Priest, Minister)
Pulaski: The TV Detective/BBC/1987 TV Actor Portraying A Priest Turned Detective
Rachel Gunn, R.N./FOX/1992 Catholic Nun Assigned To Hospital Ward
Robin Of Sherwood/HTV/SHO/1984-86 Friar Monk Aids Sherwood Forest Outlaw
Sanctuary/A-R/1967-68 Nuns At A London Convent
Sarge/NBC/1971-72 Policeman Turned Priest
The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh/NBC/1964 Minister Becomes Masked Smuggler
Second Chance/FOX/1987-88 St. Peter Returns Man Back To Earth To Reform
7th Heaven/WB/1996-2007 Progressive Protestant Minister & Family
Sister Kate/NBC/1989-90 Redemption House Nun Cares For Orphans
The Smothers Brothers Show/CBS/1965-66 Probationary Angel
Soul Man/ABC/1997-98 Episcopalian Ministers
Steambath/SHO/1984-85 God Portrayed As Puerto Rican Wash Room Attendant
Taxi/ABC/NBC/1978-83 Weird Street Reverend
Teen Angel/ABC/1997 Teenager Dies & Returns As His Friend's Guardian Angel
Touched By An Angel/CBS/1994-2003 Female Angel & Her Heavenly Supervisor
Trinity/NBC/1998 Irish-Catholic Priest
The Vicar of Dibley/BBC/1994-2000 Female Vicar At St. Barnabus Church
When Things Were Rotten/ABC/1975 Friar Monk Aids Sherwood Forest Outlaw
Winnetka Road/NBC/1994 Blind Catholic Priest
Wiseguy/CBS/1987-90 Priest Brother of FBI Agent (later murdered

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