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Servants & Domestic Workers

(Includes Butler, Maid, Chauffeur, Governess, Housekeeper & Nanny)
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Program Description
The Addams Family/ABC/1964-66 Towering Zombie Butler
All That Glitters/SYN/1977 Housekeeping Husband
Almost Home/NBC/1993 Widower's Housekeeper
Batman/ABC/1966-68 British Butler
Beacon Hill/CBS/1975 Butler And Servants
Benson/ABC/1979-86 Governor's Butler And Household Staff
Beulah/ABC/1950-53 Black Housemaid
The Big Valley/ABC/1965-69 Black Frontier Ranch Family Servant
Blackadder the Third/BBC/1987 Prince Regent's Butler
Blanding's Castle/BBC/1967 English Lord's Butler
Bonanza/NBC/1959-73 Chinese Frontier Ranch Cook/Manservant
Bonino/NBC/1953 Housemaid
The Brady Bunch/ABC/1969-74 Broder Domestic Agency Live-In Housekeeper
Bridget Loves Bernie/CBS/1972-73 Butler
Brothers and Sisters/NBC/1979 .Fraternity Housekeeper
Burke's Law/ABC/1963-65/CBS/1994-95 Chinese Chauffeur/Manservant
The Byrds of Paradise/ABC/1994 Widower's Housekeeper
Charles In Charge/CBS/1984-85/SYN/1987-90 Handome Young Male Governess
The Cosby Mysteries/NBC/1994-95 Hispanic Housekeeper
The Courtship of Eddie's Father/ABC/1969-72 Japanese Housekeeper
Dallas/CBS/1978-91 Hispanic Housekeepers
The Danny Thomas Show/ABC/CBS/1953-65 Plump Black Housekeeper
Dark Shadows/NBC/1991 French Maid/Witch
Diff'rent Strokes/NBC/1978-86 Housekeeper
Doctor Finlay/STV/1993-94 Village Doctor's Housekeeper
Doctor Finlay's Casebook/BBC/1962-71 Village Doctor's Housekeeper
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal/SYN/1955-57 Housekeeper
The Doris Day Show/1968-73 Hispanic Housekeeper
The Duchess of Duke Street/BBC/1976-77 British Hotel Maid
Dudley/CBS/1993. Hispanic Housekeeper
Easy Street/NBC/1986-87 Beverly Hills Butler
Emmerdale Farm (Emmerdale)/ITV/YTV/1972-2007+ Local Cleaning Woman
Falcon Crest/CBS/1981-90 Wine Maker's Chinese Manservant
Family Affair/CBS/1966-71 English Butler Serves Bachelor Engineer & Adopted Family
Family Affair/WB/2002-03 English Butler Serves Bachelor Engineer & Adopted Family
The Farmer's Daughter/ABC/1963-66 Congressman's Swedish Governess And Butler
Father Dowling Mysteries/NBC/ABC/1989-91 Rectory Housekeeper
Father Ted/C4/1995-98 "Housekeeper From Hell" Works For Three Irish Priests
Fawlty Towers/BBC/1975 & 79 British Inn Housekeeper & Spanish Bellhop
The Fossett Saga/LWT/1969 Unpaid Victorian Era Manservant
Frankie Howard in Whoops Baghdad!/BBC/1973 Wazir Of Baghdad's Bondservant
Free Spirit/ABC/1989-90 Witch Housekeeper
Fresh Prince of Bel Air/NBC/1990-96 Haughty Black English Butler  
The Geena Davis Show/ABC/2001-2001 Black Maid
George/ABC/1993-94 Hispanic Housekeeper
George And The Dragon/ATV/1966-68. British Cook/Housekeeper
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir/NBC/ABC/1968-70 Seaside Cottage Housekeeper
Gimme A Break/NBC/1981-87 Black Housekeeper
Going My Way/ABC/1962-63 Rectory Housekeeper
Good Advice/CBS/1993-94 Housekeeper
The Good Life/NBC/1971-72 Mansion Butler & Cook
The Governor & J.J./CBS/1969-72 Governor's Housekeeper
Grand/NBC/1990-91 Acerbic Butler & Maid
The Green Hornet/ABC/1966-67 Chinese Manservant/Chauffeur
Grindl/NBC/1963-64 Employment Agency Maid
The Great Gildersleeves/SYN/1954-55 Black Housekeeper
Hagen/CBS/1980  Hispanic Housekeeper
The Halls of Ivy/CBS/1954-55 College President's Housekeeper
Hart To Hart/ABC/1979-84 Chauffeur/Cook/Handyman
Have Gun Will Travel/CBS/1957-63 Chinese Hotel Servants
Hazel/NBC/CBS/1961-66 Outspoken Live-In Maid
Home To Roost/YTV/1989 British Housekeeper
Homefront/ABC/1991-93 Black Couple Maid/Chauffeur For Rich Family
Hong Kong/ABC/1960-61 Chinese House Boy
Hotel Malibu/CBS/1994 Hotel Maid
I Married Dora/ABC/1987-88 Central American Housekeeper
I'll Fly Away/NBC/1991-93. Southern Attorney's Black Housekeeper
In The House/NBC/1995-97 Landlord Nanny to Divorced Woman's Children
The Jack Benny Show/CBS/1950-65 Black Valet
Jeeves & Wooster/GRA/1990-93 Upper-Class British Valet
The Jeffersons/CBS/1975-85 Outspoken Black Live-In Maid
The Jetsons/ABC/1962-63 Rosie The Robot Maid
Johnny Midnight/SYN/1959-60 Japanese Houseboy
Julie/ABC/1992 Housekeeper
Jungle Jim/SYN/1955 Hindu Manservant
Leo & Liz In Beverly Hills/CBS/1986 Mansion Handyman & Housekeeper
Live-In/CBS/1989 Gorgeous Australian Live-In Baby-sitter
Lord Peter Wimsey/BBC/1972-75 & 87 British Manservant

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